Strange place to enjoy coffee

This is an early week coffee.

I joined The Weekend Coffee Share group in 2015. It was and still is one of my favourite groups to share in. The premise is that you post about your week as “if we were having coffee…” The link goes up on Fridays and closed on Sunday nights I believe. If you are looking to share a Coffee post about your week the current host I s Antoinette Truglio Martin from Stories Serve are the Table. I hope to see you there this weekend for a virtual cup of coffee!

In the meantime if we were having coffee in this cold December weather I’d have to make a coffee admission to you. Now I don’t know where this falls on the coffee drinker’s scale of no-no’s, but I love getting a coffee on the air plane! There it is, I am an airplane coffee enthusiast.

That’s said, I need to clarify this admission a little. I’m not talking about a plane ride from here to there for one thing or another; I am talking about vacation coffee. I am talking about the plane leveling off at some designated altitude and the first snack cart pass that the flight attendants make. I love that coffee; it is the first event that signals the start of vacation! That silly disposable cup set on the pull down table and I have nothing else to do but drink it. Does that make sense? Do you agree?

Anyway, if we were having coffee I’d have to take a few minutes to assess the end of my Post-a-Day 2019 challenge.I am back to Post-a-Week in 2020. First though, Let’s do a fast travel through 2019. Here are a few of my favourites form this year:

Second, does anyone think saying 2020 feels and sounds strange and even futuristic? I can remember watching movies that used 2020 and up as “the future.” Haha, now we here are.

If we were having coffee…

Stay tuned for 2020’s photo prompt series, where I will share great photographs and words to accompany them. I am hoping that you will join in when a photo calls to you.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

6 thoughts on “Strange place to enjoy coffee

  1. I joined the coffee share back close to the beginning. I’d have to check, the first one might have been 2014. It has always been a great group! Funny about the taste of the vacation starting. I hate flying, so I avoid caffeine before and during a flight. I do drink a lot of water, which helps. Here is to Twenty-Twenty – see you in the future! 😉 (I’m older than you, so I remember when the year two thousand was the future….)

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  2. Not sure how long I’ve been dropping in on the weekly coffee share, at least a few years.. Hmm, I’ve never had airplane coffee and actually just landed yesterday from a week in Florida. Even the bottled water is now $3.

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