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The Penis Chronicles presents, “Seriously?”

The first thing you need to know is that I like putting presents under the Christmas tree before Christmas. So, any gifts that arrive in the mail from aunts and uncles get wrapped and placed under the tree.

The next thing that I need to share is that my boys are not the most observant. It is a reality that at least once a day they will be looking at an item and ask me where it is. There have even been occasions where one boy will ask, “mom where is my hat? I can’t find it.” I will turn and look at him and suppress a sigh as I say, “it is on your head!”

With those things in mind, picture this:

The boys go to sleep and I wrap a gift and place it under the tree. In the morning the youngest walks into the living room. There is next to no light in the room and he stops cold, drops to the ground with an excited sound of surprise as he exclaims this is new. He has somehow managed to find the new present I added the night before after he went to bed. It is wrapped in the same paper as the other gifts under the tree and I had placed it at the back under another gift. What is that? He can’t find a toy in his hand but can sniff out a new gift buried under the tree in the dark with the sleep still in his eyes!


By Shari Marshall – 2019

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