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Travel DEC 10 2019 image 3The blackness in the room is complete. The rhythmic breathing from the other twin bed is a sure sign it will be a while till everyone in the room is awake. On tip toes she sneaks to the bathroom to dress for the day and pulls her thick corn braids back into a bobble hair tie. Then trying her hardest to not let her feet slap against the tile floor or her beaded hair rustle, she slips out the sliding glass door without letting any light sneak through the thick curtains.

The humid air is a shock after the air conditioned room and it settles softly on her skin. A bright smile takes over her facial features as she closes her eyes, tips her head back and drinks in the sun. Relaxed and thankful she moves to the railings of the balcony and leans over to take in the wide blades of grass, the tropical foliage and the lizards bathing in the sun. She is loving every moment of her first experience of travel!

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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