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Google defines anticipate as “regard as probable; expect or predict” retrieved November 1, 2019.


They bumped and rumbled over the runway. She imagined the tiny wheels getting smaller and smaller, worn away by the rough asphalt. Silly she knew but having never flown before it was easy to imagine things as very different then they were. The plane’s speed was at its maximum and the nose suddenly arced up into the sky. The pressure pushed her back slightly in her seat.

She could have turned and looked at her friend, share the excitement of the moment, but curiosity pulled her eyes toward the little window and she watched with wide eyes as the ground got further and further away. The journey had begun, a long awaited promise to herself.

A mixture of excitement and fear flowed through her blood stream. She’d never flown before. She’d never really travelled and here she was miles above the ground bound for a tropical destination in a country she knew nothing about; a country where the main language wasn’t one she spoke. She had no idea what to expect.

Her mind went through the travel agent’s slight warnings about being two young girls in a different country…blah, blah. It was the warnings, no cautions, about the coffee and the fresh fruit that held her the most and her taste buds clenched in anticipation. She was a first time traveler eager to experience food, culture and a zest for life….

By Shari Marshall – 2019