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Taking a trip

The Penis Chronicles presents “Taking a trip.”

Travel ButtonTravel with children is something of its own adventure isn’t it?

I remember that first time I travelled as a mom. I travelled alone with a baby that was only a few months old, and it was the kind of travel that involved an airplane. He travelled like a charm, slept the bulk of the time sleeping in my arms. The biggest hurdle was trying to remove my sweater and shoes to go through airport security with nobody to hold the baby! Which by the way ended requiring the help of a strange woman who realized I was struggling.

The second time I flew with the baby didn’t go smoothly. The poor little guy was suffering at that time with chronic ear infections that hadn’t been diagnosed yet. The flight home was so bad; there was no end to his crying and suffering. It was so bad that the flight attendants had me sit on the floor with him in the area they use for themselves while he rolled around and screamed…

Ghost Stories OCT 10 2019 image 2I have also had that nightmare flight with a child that has undiagnosed sensory processing disorder. That was one of the most challenging travel adventures I have had as a parent to date. He reached that point of no return that comes with SPD when no tools are used to assist with the sensory struggle. I was near tears because I had no idea what was happening and he was struggling so much. Too much noise, too many unfamiliar things, stuck in a small space without the ability to move, jump, bang, or release energy…

The point is that each travel can be so different and some are better than others. Travel with children changes as well; it evolves as they grow and as we all learn as a family unit how to help each other and I have found that it has gotten easier. The last time we flew I noted that family at the airport with the stroller and myriad of baby and infant items as well as a baby and two toddlers! They looked harried and as if they were questioning the sanity of their decisions (a look that was familiar). However, at this point for me I was well past that stage. My boys were 8 and 5. They carried their own small carry-on bags and were easily entertained on the plane and were almost self-sufficient. They were also at the point where they could be reasoned with, things explained and understood… I felt thankful for the point we had reached with travel challenges.

All kinds of travel have gotten easier: flying, road trips, overnighting at friends/family, hotel stays, and etcetera.

Some tips:

  • Prepare the kids by talking about what to expect**this one has been big
  • Pack snacksJuly 5 2019 image Salt & Vinegar Chip
  • Pack fidgets, cards, small easy to carry toys, colouring pages or drawing stuff
  • Pack silly putty or small playdough
  • Let them pick what they want to take for the above items
  • Give them their own bag to carry
  • Don’t rely on electronics (we have had flights were there weren’t any and having other options and a child eager to engage in them is huge)
  • Games like I-Spy, Would you rather be, and story-telling are great options as well
  • Don’t sit and wait before you get on the plane (walk the airport, watch the planes, and look in the shops)
  • Comfy clothing for travel
  • Good rest pre-travel
  • Encourage sleep during travel but I have found trying to force it is not helpful
  • It can be helpful to have a change of shirt and perhaps other clothing depending on the age of your child

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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