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I am not sure if I ever shared my new mom coffee horror story with you so I think in light of this month’s theme of non-fiction and todays coffee date I will give a fast overview.

This was pre-Keurig for me and actually the catalyst for my husband gifting me my first Keurig. My husband was on his first or second day at a new job. I was home with our newborn. I was tired. I remember the sound of the electric kettle clicking off and I can feel the weight on the baby balanced on my left hip, content just be held snuggly against my side.

I was standing by the sink. I used my right hand to pour the boiling water over my Starbuck Blonde Roast instant via. I was positioned so my right side was closest to the counter and my left side was turned away. The scented steam started rising from the mug and the stream of pouring water. I wasn’t looking at the counter or the kettle as I set it down. I didn’t see that it was balanced on the side of the counter where it meets the sink. I didn’t see it tip. Initially I didn’t feel it tip. What happened first was me hearing it hit the bottom of the sink with a surprising bang. Next I heard an ear splitting scream; then I realized it was me that had screamed and that there was now a pain beyond description coming from my right hand.

I knew the baby was fine and I was instantly thankful for the way I had bladed my body while pouring the coffee, thankful that my baby hadn’t paid the price for my poor choice. So many lessons wrapped into this one experience. Anyway, I was terrified to look at my hand and even more horrified when I did. All I will say at this point in the way of description is that skin melts! My brain wasn’t working to the best of its ability but I knew I needed medical attention. My husband was at a new job and was about 30 to 40 minutes away. I thought I could drive myself because it was only a few streets away. So I grabbed the baby’s car seat and sat him in it but I couldn’t get him secured without damaging my hand more.

Anyway, I ended up calling my place of employment and my boss (new boss; he had started since I went off on mat leave and we hadn’t met yet). My new boss came over to take me to the hospital. I left the baby with an on duty police officer. My boss had to tie my shoes! Anyway, stubbornly at the hospital with my hand in a bucket of ice water I refused morphine because as I pointed out I had a baby to look after and we couldn’t call my husband on his first day at a new job. That stubborn insistence last for a while. Then my new boss called my husband’s new place of employment and while he was on his way home I was given a shot of morphine.

I had third degree burns and my right hand will forever carry the scar to remind me.

If we were having coffee I would ask you if you are enjoying this month’s theme here at Writing is Communication. I would ask you if you have any stories that you would like to share? I would thank you for stopping in for a virtual cup of coffee today.

If we were having coffee I would share a couple of links from this week: Threads of Memory and Growing a Baby.

If we were having coffee I would tell you things are a whirlwind here. We have after school activities 5 weeknights and with work and everything else it has been just wild. We carry on this way till pretty close to Christmas. I am not really sure what I was thinking about when we signed up of these back to back nightly activities. The kids are loving it though. But enough about me, how was your week?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

7 thoughts on “Non-fiction Coffee

  1. Wow, Things happen so fast sometimes. I have accidentally burned myself a few times but not to that extent. I could almost feel the pain as I read your words. I am so happy you and the baby come through the incident. I see why your husband bought the Keurig. 🙂👍

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  2. That is a horrible story!! So glad it wasn’t recently and that your baby didn’t get hurt. Phew..YOu are a good storyteller. This week have mostly consisted of selling things on craigslist, packing, and running last minute errands..and reading books! I bought three new books on Tuesday, to have something to do on our long flight tomorrow. “Unfortunately” they were so good that I’m on my last one. LOL. I might pick up one or two more before the plane takes off tomorrow. I thank you for the delicious coffee you shared today 🙂


  3. Ouch, awful! Glad the baby was OK! I once poured water from a kettle on my hand instead of a tea cup, so I have a slight understanding, but it wasn’t any place as bad as you described. And what a new boss, and what a way to meet him!


  4. Again, the “Like” button” falls short. I doubt anyone, least of all you, Likes what happened. We need a [ commiserate ] button. I too am very glad it was no worse than it was and that your little guy was untouched. I know a dad who spilled some hot sauce on his toddler and the resulting injury was awful. The child grew up and got on with life, but the father was still kicking himself many years later. I’m glad that story is so rare.

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