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If we were having coffee

My Christmas mug is empty. I am torn this morning between coffee or hot chocolate. I think that I will go with Mackintosh’s hot chocolate. Just the thought of the rich frothy sweet taste sounds good. The chocolate and caramel smell will be uplifting and festive too. What can I get you: After Eight, Rolo, Mackintosh’s, Turtles, Coffee Crisp or a regular hot chocolate? Or perhaps you would prefer to stick with tea or coffee?

If we were having coffee I would get right to the point at hand: Christmas cards. Is sending out Christmas cards becoming a thing of the past? See this is usually when I start slowly getting my cards ready for the mail and I mail them December first. I enjoy the tradition of send and receiving Christmas cards! Does anybody else? It seems that the last few years I have received less and less cards and it got me wondering about the tradition of sending and receiving them. How about you, where do you fit into the Christmas card world (or fading world)?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that one of my favourite pieces of writing will be posted tomorrow. I admit that I am a bit bias towards it given that I am the author but I am hoping that you will get a chance to stop by and have a read. Watch for it, it is called Threats of Memory. Actually as I am thinking about it I am also a bit partial to Wednesday’s Penis Chronicles post as well: Growing a Baby – Journey of a Mother. And speaking of posts that you might enjoy reading Gary shared a link last week during that I would recommend to you: First Personal Job by Gary A Wilson.

If we were having coffee I would give a heavy sigh and shift my eyes to the window as I point out the winter snows have arrived. Sledding and missing winter mitt season is upon us. The stores are already a bustle with Christmas preparations and the kids are eagerly watching commercials for possible ideas to send to Santa. This reminds me, does anybody remember the big Sears Christmas Wish Book that use to come out around now? I miss that. I can remember spending hours looking through it as a child and marveling over the neat gift ideas it carried.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

9 thoughts on “If we were having coffee

  1. Ooh, snow! I guess you may not be as excited as I am. If I could teleport up there, I’d have some tea, please, with snow to go. The Christmas card situation is a big thing to me. I was SO eager to send them off but as you said, the incoming cards shrank to two or three. So I went digital and sent about a hundred beautiful cards with a special message on each. I discovered that only a couple of folks saw them; the rest must have gone into spam. Bummer. And yes, I also spent hours mooning over the Sears catalog. Now I do that with Lands End and Black Forest Decor and Lone Star. Once a mooner, always a mooner! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Wow – lots of things to respond to this week.
    Okay, first, I’m more of a tea guy than coffee. I can enjoy coffee, but you asked. I actually wrote about tea in my coffee share this week and hope you’ll stop by to check it out.
    Christmas Cards, have always been a frustration for me. If I write someone, I want it to be meaty and personal and detailed and (for a while) in a classic calligraphy font I taught myself to write in. Girl friends loved it and others were just amazed, but cards are just to easy or overly burdensome. I hate throwing out the ones we get each year after the season passes, but we keep to much stuff as it is. I got lucky when I discovered my wife feels the same about the cards – mostly.
    I’m looking forward to your favorite essays. I too like to reshare previous works with new readers. So – thanks for sharing out my First Professional Job story. This memory set is one of my favorites – I was such a dope back then.
    Then that old Sears Christmas Catalog – these days it’s the search box @ Did I ever tell you that I almost worked for them many years ago? I like being their customer, but found out during the interviews that I would not have liked being an employee.

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    1. My grandmother gave me a great idea for Christmas cards because it is true that we cant’t keep them all. So, she used those fancy edged scissors and would cut the cards she received the year before and make gift tags out of them. Lots of fun.

      As for Sear, I think it might have been neat to be part of the team that made up the Wish Book.


  3. Coffee sounds great, any flavor… I’m feeling adventurous today. I’m running a bit late as I went home this weekend for Harvest Feast. Christmas Cards… I love them! I don’t get many anymore, sadly. Our church had a cupboard with little cubby’s, one to a letter, and it was always fun to go through and see what cards were there for you. It saved a lot on postage that way so we were able to send cards to many people. I always made sure to send to the shut-ins and elders in the directory. We’d pick up our cards and we had a garland along the top of our wall in the living room where we would use mini-clothespins to hang them. There were too many to use on the tree in place of ornaments at the time. They make lovely decorations… and when you look at them it’s nice to know that someone cared. My favorites were the ones the preschoolers made, though. Stick figure nativity’s that sometimes featured super heroes and dinosaurs.. LOL! Yes, I love Christmas Cards. Send them on! PO 252, Hebron, Ky 41048 USA… hehe, just in case.

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      1. I went to look at purchasing a new tree… Oh, man, how expensive they are! I don’t believe in cutting down a tree for decoration, so artificial is the way to go. At the prices, we may just go tree-less this year!


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