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Photos across a Life Time (3)

Here is a little memoir writing exercise for you. Choose 3 pictures of the person you want to write about, the pictures should be from various periods of their life. Use the pictures to write about where they were, what they were doing, and build in details about the person.

NOV 5 2019 image 1A girl and her dog

The bond is strong and it is unclear who fancies who more. The big Sheppard wolf mix loves the little girl’s continuous attention. The toddler loves the feel of the fluffy fur and soft ears, and she knows if she gets close enough that big puppy will give her soft wet kisses that make her giggle. The dog knows that the little girl is wobbly on her toddler legs and that she is all hands and curiosity. That little girl occasionally topples over the big beast, pulls her ears, and uses her fur as a way to maintain her balance but that little girl loves that big “puppy.” They are the best of friends!

NOV 5 2019 image 2Summer Fun

The heat of the sun browns the skin. Summer is not a time to be without a swimsuit, so this young girl is always wearing it beneath her clothing. Swimming isn’t all that the cool waters offer for summer activities though. The girl spent the last few hours floating over the top of the water patiently waiting for a fish or two to make an appearance. The water is clear and there is a good sightline; there is always a fish or two that makes an appearance. The girl knows from summers spent at her grandparent’s cottage that there are fish that love to hide in the shaded water of the dock. So with hair still wet from swimming she digs her fishing pole out of the shed and hits the dock. Worms work well enough for bait and the line isn’t in the water long when there is the telltale jiggling on the line. Boom, she caught one of those sneaky fish. Decent size and worthy of a photo.

NOV 5 2019 image 3Return to the summers of her youth as a mom

The small child in her arms wiggles in anticipation of running free and exploring the water’s edge for fish, snails, and crayfish. This new mom can’t help but smile with the knowledge that the little boy won’t be disappointed. This mom remembers that there are crayfish that live in the stone wall were you enter the water and they aren’t shy. It feels refreshing to be home in a place where so many memories were made and it feels promising to know that her own child will hopefully make some there as well. The warm air is muggy but the soft sounds of the water washes away any thoughts that it might be too hot.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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