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Coffee and Dreams

The smell of coffee is alive in the air.

I used to have a dream of owning my own coffee shop. I wanted it to be a cute little shop with big comfy chairs, homemade baked goods, and a country theme. I wanted it to have a family/close friend atmosphere and I wanted to sell my crafts there too. In my head I could see myself serving fancy coffees while talking and laughing with the folks that were in for a visit.

My little coffee shop was to be located at the end of a long farmhouse driveway, my home away from home, and it was to be called “Country Kisses.” Anyway, somewhere along the line the dream shifted and I realized that I don’t know anything about coffee beyond that I like drinking it and that there are a lot of coffee shops that tick off the elements I listed for my coffee shop dream.

Anyway, if we were having coffee this November I would introduce you to this month’s theme: life stories. There is a great line up of posts planned for this month and it is probably my favourite month for posts. I hope you will pop in a few times this month, or every day to read, comment and share.


If we were having coffee this November I would tell that this last week felt really busy. I finished my Spanish course and have my Tuesday and Thursday nights back for a bit. Halloween night was beautiful for weather; it was probably the nicest Halloween night we have had in 4 or 5 years. Lots of fun and lots of candy. We watched “Richie Rich” for Friday night movie night. I hadn’t seen it before and it was cute. My oldest boy enjoyed it but the younger one thought it had some scary parts.

November already, wow!

If we were having coffee this November I would ask you if you have a dream that you would like to share?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

7 thoughts on “Coffee and Dreams

  1. I think your coffee shop idea sounds wonderful! If you really wanted too, you could find a place where it is possible to do this. Don’t give up on your dream 😉
    My long term dream is to grow the majority of my food myself, live in a peaceful country setting, and make enough of my photography that I don’t need to have any other work besides a big garden, and my photography. I am working towards it. It’s going to take a few years until I’m there.

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