A New Way to Cook

I invite you to use the following as a prompt: When all was said and done _____________ came easily.
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A New Way to Cook

When all was said and done bewitching my kitchen utensils came easily.

First, I found granny’s dusty old journal in a ratty box in the attic. We won’t go into what drew me to pull the creaking ladder down from the ceiling and drag myself into the spider and cobweb infested attic. Regardless, there it was, a spell book!

I read it for three days cover to cover! I didn’t know what spell to try first, so I fanned the pages and it stopped on bewitching gadgets. I should probably explain that I cater parties and I had a large order for vampire cookies, a cake shaped like a witch’s hat, ghost cupcakes and a bunch of Halloween finger foods. My help quit without warning and I was scrambling. Hence, the choice of kitchen utensils.

I had a hard time finding a cast iron pot and even amazon’s rush delivery wasn’t going to be fast enough this time, my cooking order was due now! Turns out granny had a cast iron pot hiding in the attic too.

Contrary to what I expected for ingredients I didn’t need toad’s eyes, ground tiger claw, puppy dog tail, ground dragon scales, or bat wings. The strangest thing I needed was ground frog legs. A bit of mixing, boiling, stirring, word reciting, and a touch of moonlight was needed. The result was that I had a team of eager cooking utensils ready to do my bidding.

I barely needed to help. The vampire cookies were life like and I wouldn’t have been surprised to find them biting instead of being bitten. Words can’t describe the rest of the creations.

So when all was said and done bewitching my kitchen utensils came easily.

By Shari Marshall – 2019