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Coffee in the throes of fall

El sol está brillante hoy pero está frió (the sun is shining but it is cold).

This is my island center piece this fall. Photograph by Shari Marshall ©

Fall is in its full throes. It is too easy these fall days for a chill to creep into the bones. The season welcomes warm sweaters, jeans and somedays a nice scarf or a knit hat. Promises of frost and snows drift on the winds. With a heavy sigh I lift my hot cup of coffee to my lips and blow softly on it so that the warm fragrant steams pillow in my face before I enjoy that first hot sip. Another sigh and a smile.

If we were having coffee I would ask what kind of warm beverage can I offer you today?

I am sad to say that last weekend’s camping trip didn’t go as I had hoped because I was coming down with whatever cold my children are getting over. I ended up sleeping a bit extra and by Monday I was in no shape to go into work. I was describing myself by saying, “Jo estoy la mujer cansada” (I am a tired woman). I am feeling a bit better now but I think it is going to take a few more days to feel 100%. The pie that I wanted to make did get made but not when I had originally hoped which is okay.

Photograph by Shari Marshall ©
Raspberry Peach Pie – Photograph by Shari Marshall ©

An activity that I did complete while I was feeling under the weather is a piece for the Christmas dollhouse I am still working on. Some of you might remember me sharing my progress with it last November. Anyway, while sitting and resting I needed to putter a bit so I took some pieces I had been collecting and created a nice shelf piece. As you can see from the picture I have an empty spot on the one shelf; I have to get something to fill that spot in.

Photograph by Shari Marshall ©
Photograph by Shari Marshall ©

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have completed 6 of my Spanish classes now and I can compose very simple sentences! Jo estoy estudiante contenta (I am a happy/contented student).

I have started to read Terry Brook’s First King of Shannara. I am only about 100 pages and I am happy to say that I am enjoying it. I wasn’t sure when I first started into it but after a few pages I was hooked. Reading time is limited for the next little while so I image at the rate of 1 to 2 pages a night it will be a long while before I to obtain a copy of book two.

If we were having coffee I would ask, ¿Cómo está semana? (how was this week?)

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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11 thoughts on “Coffee in the throes of fall

  1. Glad you are feeling better now. So, near the end you finally let us know why you had those random Spanish sentences 😉 I hope you have a great weekend and continue your recovery from the cold.

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  2. I enjoyed having coffee with you and I’m glad you are feeling better. And I enjoyed how you included your Spanish lessons, I should really learn as I took German in school and that’s just not useful, but Spanish would go a long way especially here where I live. 😉

    Your pie looks delicious!! And I’ll have to visit and read about your Christmas dollhouse! How FUN!! Have a wonderful weekend! 😀

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  3. I hope that by the time this note finds you, that the troublesome bug has been crushed out existence and you are back to being super mom & wife. If I recall correctly, your work is with the RCMP, so the world is a better place when you’re at the top of your game. Be well my friend.

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    1. The children finally let me get a bit of sleep and that always helps. I also tried this drink that was recommended to me and it helped too: boiling water, honey, ginger and lemon. I have also heard great things about the power of apple cider vinegar.

      Have a great week.


  4. I do hope you’re feeling better, and Congrats on the Spanish lessons! I love your dollhouse work. I’ve put my dollhouse build and deco on hold until after I move this month and get settled in. It doesn’t feel like fall here, more like a hot, sultry summer day. Heatwave in the mid-upper 90’s this week. I do have a pumpkin cooked down and am going to make either pumpkin pudding (pie without the crust) or pie, depending on if I can remember which bin the pie dish is in. hehe! We’re now 19 days to move! YIPPEE!

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