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The Penis Chronicles presents, “Anticipation”

It looks like a perfect sunny fall morning. It’s clear by the traffic that the school year has only just begun for the season. It is bumper to bumper on the 2 lane north bound street. The air is crisp and my child is walking down the tree lined sidewalk beside the busy street. I am hurrying through the traffic in my own vehicle heading towards the school as if to drop off the child that is actually walking. I glance quickly in my rearview mirror and make a lane change to the left. Traffic in this lane suddenly stops. I don’t have enough space to get my big truck stopped fast enough. I swerve to the right lane narrowly missing the back bumper of a little car. They didn’t notice. The lane I am in now is stopping too but I have space and I push hard on the brakes; I barely get stopped. Three heads, the dad, daughter, and the mom look back at me from their white truck which I almost hit. They are familiar faces from the school but I don’t know their names. I smile reassuringly. All three heads snap forward and they drive off to the left.

The road has changed to a pitch black asphalt and there is construction. It is unmarked construction and I drive my normal route past a distracted security guard and up the asphalt hill. I don’t question why there is a security guard on the road or why the road surface changed. As I crest the top of the hill I become aware that there is no road, it just drops away and my truck drops with it. I am not sure how but I am not in the truck anymore. Instead I scramble frantically and I am able to catch the truck just after it falls from over the side of the cliff. I am lying flat on the road with my arm straining over the side holding my truck by the frame of the open window!

Time seems to slow.

This is a great vantage point. I can see a pool a good distance down under the drop and the school is up and over to the left with cars coming and going. My view to the right is obscured by a dirt hill and construction vehicles. Logically I have 2 choices. First, I can drop the truck and hope it lands in the pool but I am not sure how I would get it out later or explain its presence there. Second, I could risk looking foolish and pull my truck back up over the side.

I pull. (Please note that I am not sure if I am really strong or if my truck has become the size of a kid’s Hot Wheel car. Regardless, this all seems very normal to my consciousness.)

Once I have my truck I approach the security guard and ask which wat I am supposed to go. Exasperated he points and I hurry off driving around the big dirt hill and construction vehicles wondering if my child will make it to school on time. I am also hoping that he didn’t see my embarrassing blunder.

I watch from an observes view as my truck and I disappear around the bend contemplating what time I will get to work but the thought is cut off as my consciousness is disturbed by the sound of a dog shacking and snapping awake.

What does all that mean? I woke from that dream feeling a bit beside myself. If I was going to try and interpret I would point out that my boys are starting grades 1 and 4 this year and there has been a series of conversations about changing schools, daycare, work, schedules, and finances… So, I am thinking that those conversations might be a valid tool for interpretation.

Interpretation from The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett:
Black – extremely hard or incessantly work and trouble page 59
Cliff (drop) – warning to avoid speculation and risks page 91
Traffic – trying to solve a problem that you may need help to solve and in the case of the traffic jam it is a prediction of obstacles that will be challenging to overcome page 359
Pool – symbol of cheerful companionship page 292

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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  1. hahahah
    Ether the dictionary knows about what it speaks or some demented fast food chef replaced your pizza pepperonis with sliced pepperoncinis or laced your sauce with cumin or curry, confusing your sleeping digestive cycle so badly that the boys’ toys were promoted to what you experienced. Dreams can just be our brains spiraling safely out of control as a natural entertainment. Fun stuff me thinks.

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