A refreshing end

Thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk.

My footfalls are steady and patterned. I feel happy that I have found a pace that will sustain me through this run. The heat of the sun is grueling. I keep pushing forward with 1 foot in front of the other, but I am conscious of the fact that there is no breeze. The air is simply hot and heavy. I can feel an exhaustion in my body that I can’t credit to this run alone.

Slowly I come into a new awareness. My skin is dry. Perspiration is gone. The heat still beats against me but I feel a slight chill and a very faint shiver. The end is close. I can see it a few short feet away. As I cross my self-appointed finish line I slow my pace. I close my eyes and turn my face upward walking blindly. Suddenly hundreds of ice cold drops start to dance over me. Before I can interpret the meaning a forceful blast of freezing water pelts down my body from head to foot and starts to go back up again. Laughter consumes me as I stop to enjoy the refreshing waters of a rotating sprinkler thankful for the ending of a run marked by a classic summer’s day.

Blessed be.

By Shari Marshall -2019

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