How to Rejuvenate Campers Plagued by Rain?

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Photograph by Shari Marshall ©

Large cool raindrops made a refreshing pattern on the top half of my body, the parts not submersed in the warm waters of the hot spring. There couldn’t have been a better contrast in temperatures. I could feel the tension drain out of my body. Two days of camping in the rain with a puppy and 2 young children had been rough, but this was a great solution. It was an outdoor activity that could be done in the rain, and one that the whole family could enjoy with the exception of the puppy unfortunately.

I sat back and studied the scenery. The mountains were shrouded in patches of mist and the parts that could be seen were trimmed with snow in July. The snow drew the boy’s attention as well, how could there be snow in the summer? Great conversation starter, let the learning begin.

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Photograph by Shari Marshall ©

This particular hot spring visit was to the Miette Hot Springs which is one of the three Canadian Rockies Hot Springs. Banff and Radium are the other two. Miette is located inside Jasper National Park. It is a scenic 17 kilometer drive up Miette Road. The mineral water flows at 54 degrees Celsius and is cooled to 40 degrees as it enters two hot pools.

This hot spring was discovered in 1909. It wasn’t until 1934 that a proper road was built to access the hot springs as well as some facilities. The build took 4 years and a new facility wasn’t built until 1986.

Some minerals in this hot spring water are sulphate, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium and sodium.

Such a great experience. Thank you camping in the rain!

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2 thoughts on “How to Rejuvenate Campers Plagued by Rain?

  1. Ah – sweet memories this brings.
    We were living in Colorado with our 3 young-ins and stumbled across a hot spring with a small town built around it. The kids favorite part was the pool complex that was built around this spring. The hottest was a smaller sauna style pool that no one could take for more than a few minutes, but as the water overflowed from one pool to the next, getting progressively cooled, we found one that everyone enjoyed.

    With steep canyon cliffs to either side of us, we got only a few hours of direct sunlight – which, yes, was sufficient time for us all to sunburn because these Colorado Rocky Mountains had us so high in altitude that a few hours was all the sun needed get us all medium well.

    Sigh – but what fun we had until that evening when we all realized we almost glowed with our burns.

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