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Coffee and Wood Smoke

The wood smoke smell battles with the rich coffee scent for a dominant smell on the air currents. It’s a wonderful battle to sit back and enjoy against a backdrop of bird songs, random forest sounds, and the laughter of children and the crackling of fire. Feet up and mug in hand I am set in relaxation mode.

If we were having coffee this camping season I would tell you that I finally got around to buying a picture frame for my youngest son’s kindergarten graduation picture. The image below was what was inside the frame for on sale display and it made me think of Weekend Coffee Share.

June 15 2019 coffee blog

If we were having coffee I would present a question to you, but first I need to set it up a bit. My husband and I occasionally watch a show called Ancient Aliens and we watched an episode a few weeks ago about Mars being colonized.

A fast google search will turn up some information if you are curious: Mars One Mission Selects Final 100 Candidates to Colonize Mars and Mars One. Second, my husband and I just watched the movie The Meg and it got me thinking about underwater living. For an example check out this link: A look inside ‘world first’ underwater residence in the Maldives. Sub-Biosphere-2The image to the right is from an article by Dattatreya titled Sub-Biosphere 2 envisaged as a credible underwater living solution (dated October 20, 2013 and retrieved for this post on June 2019). So, all that brings me to my question. If civilization was no longer be able to inhabit the earth’s surface and 2 options were provided with the first being a one way trip to Mars or to transport to the safety of an underwater colony to live out the rest of your life which would you choose?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I made it about 400 hundred pages into Towers of Midnight and I have set it aside to read Hatha Yoga Illustrated. Do you enjoy yoga?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that my youngest son graduated kindergarten earlier this week and he was so proud. I was amused when I told him to pick out a nice outfit for his graduation day because he picked out a pair of black track pants marked with a yellow batman logo, a white graphic t-shirt with the parts of a smore depicted on it, a button up shirt to go over it that had red, yellow and white stripes and his red and yellow Harry Potter tie! Not really what we had in mind. He was instant that he have a tie and a button up shirt. So we switched to dark jeans, convinced him to use a brown tie and a different button up shirt. Then he was instant that he get his hair spiked and coloured red. It was a lot of fun and the highlight of the week.

If we were having coffee I would ask you what the highlight of your week was?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

10 thoughts on “Coffee and Wood Smoke

  1. You got me with the camping trip! I can smell the coffee, the fire, and the forest..mmm. I have one camping trip scheduled to a for me, new place, but its a month from now.

    Your question if we would choose a one way ticket to Mars, or to live in an underwater colony is tricky. I think I’d choose Mars. I had a Kindergarten student once who claimed that he would be the first person to take horses to Mars! That was his answer, when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up 🙂
    Thank you for a lovely coffee share!

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    1. It certainly is a tricky question. I go bac and forth with my answer but lean more towards the underwater option. First person to take horses to Mars is a fabulous answer; children’s minds are wonderful!

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  2. Hi Shari. Mars or underwater. Not an easy choice because I doubt we have the technology to pull off either yet. I do love to read and think about such things and have a story in mind about a unique space station. Even for credible fiction, there is so much to solve. Hope you’re having a great camp out. Sitting in the quiet morning around a camp fire is pure magic.

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  3. When I was 5 the Oujia Board said I was going to be the first person on Mars. The Powers of Ouji never lie. It hasn’t happened yet, but I guess I would have to chose Mars and make it come true 😉

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