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Small Piece of Balance

“Sometimes running sucks: you’re tired, it’s too early and its cold, you don’t wanna. Still you lace them up and remember why you run.” – Run Pretty Far

I run to bring balance into my life. However, finding drive and inspiration as a solo runner can be challenging so naturally some runs come easier than others. No two runs are ever the same, but some runs stand out.

It was a grey damp day. The sky had opened with tears a number of times. The blah of the weather was blanketing everything and controlling most activities. Personally, I was feeling heavy and depressed. Since it was only 3 in the afternoon this tiredness was problematic and I felt as if I had only 2 options available to me: nap or run. So I
embraced the honest truth; I needed to shake off depressing overtones, feel productive, find energy, and enjoy a cat in the hat kind of day.

Photo by Shari ©

The rain had paused as I pushed myself out the door. My feet fell into a steady rhythm on the deserted streets but the run wasn’t coming easy. As I broke from the sidewalk to a pond trail I saw her, a fellow runner, coming toward me and a small part of me longed for the positives wrapped into a running partner. Just as we were about to pass I smiled at her and that’s when I saw that her hand was positioned out to the side of her body with her palm facing me and her fingers outstretched for a high-five! I quickly followed suite and laughed as our hands grazed in a friendly supportive acknowledgement that we were the only two runners dedicated to make the best of a rainy dull day.

It was such a refreshing feeling that it renewed not only my footfalls but my mood and my day. Although I have never seen the mysterious high-five runner on the neighbourhood paths since the encouragement she shared with that day the memory of her fellowship continues to provide encouragement during all my runs. Even when I am physically running solo I now mentally high-five runners everywhere knowing that I am not alone in my passion for running. This knowledge has become a small piece of my balance.

Blessed be.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

4 thoughts on “Small Piece of Balance

  1. It amazing how a little endorphins rush can even out the melancholy. I found spinning to my happy pill. Since an injury I’ve had to find another routine, walking and swimming in a pool.

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    1. I love swimming too. It is harder for me to do then the running though because the pool is across town and doesn’t fit into the schedule as easily. I walk regularly as well, so wonderful in the summer when there is a nice breeze.


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