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If we were having coffee this far into the A to Z challenge…

Do you smell those nutty hints that are drifting on the air currents mixed in with that caffeinated scent? It is a teasing odour as I wait to feel that warm mug between my hands and that warm steam drifting up into my face as I let that first lazy sip of hot fluid drift between my lips, over my tongue, and down my throat. Do you agree that it is a teasing smell?

If we were having coffee I would ask you if my letter Q post, titled Quad, needs any explanation? Everyone knows what a double-double is or a triple-tripple, or at least coffee drinkers do I assume? Well, in the case of letter Q I am referring to ordering a coffee as a 4 by 4: 4 milk and 4 sugar! It can also be four expresso shots. Not my coffee preference personally but I have a friend that only drinks coffee in that watered diluted state.

If we were having coffee I would take a second to mention a couple L to R posts from this week:

I followed J R Vincente Erotica Writer last year through the A to Z and I am following again this years. Great posts. For myself they are outside of what I would normally read but I really enjoy them; they are well written and interesting posts.

I jumped into Keith’s Ramblings for letter L and really enjoyed the read: An A to Z of Children’s Stories. I am now happily following Keith’s Ramblings. Here is letter L from last Saturday (April 13th): Look.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I have been trying to blog ahead a bit. With summer coming I don’t want to fall behind on my blog a day 2019 challenge. I actually have just over 100 posts to create for the rest of this year. Of course my coffee posts are included in that number because those wait until the week of, but I really am getting close. Looking forward to my themes we have Mental Health for May, and then Camping, Flash Fiction, Summer followed by Fall, Ghost/Scary stories in October, memoirs/non-fiction November and finally travel to end it all off.

If we were having coffee I would ask you if you have any tricks or suggestions for when an exercise routine or perhaps exercise in general gets a bit stale? My routine was feeling a bit stale so I switched to a different routine hoping that it would help and it’s been a couple weeks now and it still feels blah. What to do?

Here is a W.T.F? moment from earlier in the week:


To be clear that is my 2 year old boxer sleeping like a cat on my kitchen table! All I can say is, what is happening?? This is not okay, and she knows that. I suppose it is an improvement from chewing something she isn’t supposed to.


Oh and just to follow-up from last weeks reading dilemma. I picked up “Touched With Fire” by Kay Redfield Jamison. It is about the links between creativity and manic-depressive illness.

If we were having coffee I would sit back and put my feet up before asking you how your week was?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

21 thoughts on “If we were having coffee this far into the A to Z challenge…

  1. Well Easter has been hectic with five family members visiting and my daughter really sick with a throat infection. We have been busy entertaining the grandchildren, cooking, clearing up, cooking, clearing up etc. Exhausting!

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  2. Not sure if your exercise routine includes the treadmill, but I do find it boring as well. I started using some scenarios mix in with my imagination: Being Jason Bourne (any spy) running after the evil guy to stop him from destroying something; running from something that’s chasing me (not always a monster). It can be comical to horror.

    I’d be having an iced tea with ya.

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  3. Your dog is just adorable, I love boxers! I haven’t had coffee, or breakfast yet today, and now I feel that I really need to do something about that. I’m currently waiting for my daughter to wake up, because I want to see the look on her face when she sees what the Easter Bunny left for her. She is a hard core believer in the Easter Bunny. Have a fabulous rest of your weekend. Happy Easter!

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      1. Yes 🙂 I trained a boxer for a disabled veteran a few years ago. He needed someone to help him open doors. That boxer was one of the smartest dogs I’ve worked with. In a matter of weeks he could open a variety of doors.

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        1. They are so smart. It can be a bit challenging when they are so smart. I find we have to tire her out with thinking as well as exercise (lots of tricks and we use treat boxes…). Also super cool that you train dogs for assisting people.

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  4. Your dog has such an innocent look on her face!

    Have you ever done any boxing? That can be a lot of fun (and great for cardio). There are videos on YouTube that you can follow along to.

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  5. You had to bring up the topic of my week.

    Did I do something to discomfort you and thus earned this query?
    Okay, I would answer; stressed, pressed, busy but successful.

    1 of two big projects done for work and distributed to 300+ of our biggest customers around the world. Completed w/i the 90% the training of a gal who is to be my NSPOF (No Single Point Of Failure) since this project has grown so much over the decade I’ve been doing it – we finally decided that it would be bad business to depend only on me for its ongoing delivery each quarter.

    The second big work project is only about 1/3 done and I have to have something ready for Monday – ugh.

    And finally, I did get one new story done and posted, only a day later than I hoped – which after so many weeks off – still felt wonderful.

    But I’m so tired of the work stress.

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