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If we were enjoying a lazy morning coffee…

Let’s paint a picture:

It’s been a long week and relief and tiredness followed you home last night. The night was what it was and now morning stretches and yawns around you, lazily, and the whole weekend lays ahead of you. You stretch and pick up the steaming mug of coffee and pad to your favourite comfy chair. Your pajamas still feel like the best choice of dress as you curl your feet up and pull that cozy blanket over your lap as you reach for the television control or your favourite book.

Sound good?

I thought so too, and I am thankful for the relaxed and comfortable company. If we were having coffee I would lazily ask you about your week. I would be asking lazily not because of lack of interest but because there is no need to race through our coffee.

If we were having coffee I would start out by giving a big thanks to everyone for a great month. I would also take a moment to share a couple links from March’s theme of Thanks: Thankfulness by J R Vincente and Adventures in the Ship Tanks by Gary Wilson. If you are looking for something good to read with you coffee these links are a nice place to start.

Writing Interrupted was the theme’s post that drew them most attention for me this month. If you have had a chance to check it out maybe you have a minute now. It is a fast read.

I really enjoyed this month’s theme and I hope you did too!

If we were having coffee I would ask you what you are reading? I just powered through book eleven in The Wheel of Time series, “Knife of Dreams.” I really enjoyed this one and now after finishing book ten I am wondering if I pick up the next book in the series or take a break. I only have three more novels left in the series and I am excited to see how it all ends but they are hefty novels so a break might be nice. We will see what happens when I get an evening to sit down and reach for a book.

If we were having coffee I would apologize because for cutting my coffee news short, but I will explain why next weekend when we have a coffee. Have a great week.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

2 thoughts on “If we were enjoying a lazy morning coffee…

  1. [yawn]
    Good morning Shari.
    Before starting my slow tear into the day, I decided to catch up on a few of the things I’ve fallen behind on in my blogging pile.

    I lost much of my weekend to work because I lost much of my work week to the medical situation of my nephew during the work week.

    Your work is always like brain candy and so I decided to start with a quick visit and ease my way into the flow of my Mondays – which always seem to be so shocking to the system that really wants just one more quiet read in the quiet of a gray morning.

    But what a nice surprise to find one of my stories called out in your post!
    Thank you – I hope your readers enjoy it. Those really were bizarre college days.
    You made my day.

    Warmest regards and blessings.

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