Refreshed & Renewed

Whether we are talking about work, a project, an exercise routine, a personal goal or etcetera there sometimes comes a point where we run out of steam, drive, inspiration, or motivation… Nobody wants to be stuck or feel stale or perhaps it’s one of those cases that you don’t even know its stale. Regardless, this is the point where it happens, something magical, and you’re refreshed, passion renewed and it is bright and sunny again.

Maybe that magical something is a conversation with another person who shares your passion, maybe it’s a course or training, maybe it’s a conference, maybe it’s just a goodnight sleep; the result is the same and you are thankful.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

2 thoughts on “Refreshed & Renewed

  1. Funny you wrote that because I have been away two days visiting my daughter. Housework is not my thing but when I came home I decided the study was just too cluttered for me to write properly. I took everything out and piled it on the bed in another room. The study looked great! Then I sorted through all the paperwork and strange objects, filing or throwing out. I even backed up my computer which hasn’t been done for 665 days! Feeling good.

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