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Thanks for Kids and the Laughter They Create

The Penis Chronicles presents “Thanks for Kids and the Laughter They Create

“Out of the mouth of babes” or “kids say the darnedest things” are sayings most of us are probably familiar with. I have experienced my fair share of these moments as a parent. Some truly are mortifying but others are just funny (not necessarily in the moment but sometimes after). I remember taking my older boy into a public bathroom, the women’s bathroom. He was 3 almost 4 years old so I went into the stall with him. He was sitting on the toilet and I was aware that there were other women in the washroom. Suddenly, and when I say suddenly I mean it couldn’t possibly get more out of the blue then this, he says, “my penis isn’t big. It’s really REALLY big!” The whole washroom went so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop as the saying goes. I had no idea what to say or do at that moment in time. I still don’t really know what a proper response would be to that, but anyway I felt somewhat embarrassed. However, later telling the story I couldn’t stop laughing.

Anyway, that leads me to my inspiration for this post today. A few Father’s Days ago my younger son, who had just turned 4, brought home the Father’s Day card that he had made at pre-school. I read through it and had tears streaming down my face because of his answers. I can’t imagine what the pre-school teachers thought as they wrote down my son’s responses to the questions. I would love to know what was going on in his own little head as he provided his answers.

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I really am thankful for those moments when the kids make me laugh even when it is due to surprising things that fly out of their mouths.

Do you have any kids creating laughter stories to share?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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  1. My husband is still traumatised after our visit to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. 5 year old Grandson H needed to go to the toilet. I handed him over to John to take him to the Men’s. All the cubicles were full. H said, “I’ve got to go. It’s coming out.” John yelled at all the cubicles, “Hurry up and get out of there!” Finally someone came out and H made it (almost). John still talks about the incident with horror. I just laugh ‘til the tears run down my cheeks.

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