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Sometimes you just don’t know what to expect!

The Penis Chronicles presents, Sometimes you just don’t know what to expect!

This happened about two or more years ago, and it was one of those moments. It went like this:

Mommy: How do you spell Owen?
Son: O.W.E.N
Mommy: What is Owen’s last name?
Son: silence
Mommy: Is it Owen Snuffle-up-a-gus.
Mommy’s Inside Voice: I know you know this.
Mommy: Is it Owen Applecart?
Son: Fuckerfuckerfucker
Mommy Inside Voice: It is more like Little Shit, Little Shit, Little Shit!
Mommy: Your name is Owen Fuckerfuckerfucker?
Son: Halarious Laughter
Mommy: Dumbfounded

Sometimes you just have to be thankful for not knowing what to expect because it can make you laugh and brighten day.

By Shari Marshall – 2018