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Secret life fit into a week – If we were having coffee

There is nothing secret about the scent of the coffee shop and I inhale deeply as I breach the doorway. It is rich and delicious and the smell makes my taste buds perk up in anticipation. My taste buds aren’t the only thing alive with anticipation though. My mind is wild to hear about this secret life you text me about; a secret life you claim fit into the last week…

If we were having coffee I would ask with eagerness how your week was and sit back to listen to the events unfold.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that it was an exhausting week for me. I started the week knowing it would be a bit tiresome and I got to the end of Monday thinking the day had gone well and quickly. High five to me I thought. I didn’t keep that momentum though. Anyway, I sure am happy that it’s the weekend.

If we were having coffee I would share with you that I spent some time in my son’s kindergarten classroom this week. It was a lot of fun and it was interesting to see all those little minds learning, having fun, and being themselves. However, the best part was at the end of the day just before my little man closed his little eyes he said, “Mom thanks for a really nice day.” It melted my heart.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have been wanting to bake all sorts of things so I can eat them. I made gluten-free sugar cookies earlier in the week and tried making royal icing for the first time. It was a good experience and I can’t wait to try it again. The cookies didn’t last very long though and I am not sure what I would like to make next. Something with chocolate and peanut butter might be nice. I better go and sift through the cookbook. Have a great weekend!

By Shari Marshall – 2019

4 thoughts on “Secret life fit into a week – If we were having coffee

  1. That’s so sweet that you could spend time in your sons classroom. I remember my mom coming for visits in 1-3 grade. I was so proud over the cakes she always brought, The kids loved when my mom visited. I was usually too excited to actually eat any cake. My mom was my hero and I just savored the moment. So happy that you could experience something similar with your son. I bet he will remember that.

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    1. Yes, I hope he remembers it as fondly. He was so excited about it. I was lucky enough to be able to visit when my older boy was in Kindergarten as well, and he still talks about it. I love seeing them in that environment doing what they do; it is so interesting.

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