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If we were having a Spanish Coffee…

This is my contrast coffee image because it differs greatly from my usual coffee although it is one of my favourite coffee dessert treats.

contrast jan 19 2019 coffee postSpanish Coffee
Whip Cream
Serve in a glass not a traditional coffee mug

If we were having a Spanish Coffee this January I would tell you that it has been a rough week involving multiple visits to the doctor by various members of my family for various ailments. I am exhausted, and this Spanish Coffee is much needed. However, I don’t want to dwell on this so what can we chat about instead? Hmmm…

Well, if we were having Spanish Coffee I would tell you that I am still reading book ten in the Wheel of Time series, “Cross Roads of Twilight.” I have been rather slow moving my way through this novel for no other reason than lack of reading time. I am not sure if I am going to jump right into book 11 when I finish my last 250 pages or maybe take a break and read something in a different genre. What are you reading? Any recommendations?

If we were having Spanish Coffee I would tell you that I had a guest post earlier this week and share the link with you in case you want to check it out: Sugar and Spice. It falls under my weekly Wednesday Penis Chronicles posts although this author is raising girls. It is a fun read.

If we were having Spanish Coffee I would ask your opinion on photo posts. Are they good, do you enjoy them, should they have text or are just photo’s enough? I have used a few this month as part of my post a day self-challenge and I just wondered what the general consensus is. I enjoy photo post and photo prompts myself. Anyway, what is your thoughts?

If we were having Spanish Coffee I would ask you about your week, how was it?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

January’s theme is contrast. Post a link in the comment section below with your interpretation of contrast, any medium welcome.

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13 thoughts on “If we were having a Spanish Coffee…

  1. Just finished “The Boy at the Keyhole” (2018) by Stephen Giles.
    A slim, but psychologically thick novel about a boy in 1961 being cared for by his family’s housekeeper, Ruth, while his mother is away in America trying to raise funds to save the family steel mill. Only, this 9 year-old-boy is convinced Ruth has murdered his mother and buried her in the cellar. Written from the perspective of the 9 year old, but with enough details that adults would ‘get” but the boy does not.
    Still, he may be right…
    (tastes her Spanish coffee and lips the whip cream from her upper lip in satisfaction)

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  2. Hi Shari. I have not ever had something like Spanish Coffee, but it sounds good and I do like the photo – please keep your contrast shots coming.

    For reading, I’m not sure I’m ready to recommend it, but I’m reading Don Brown (DeVinchi Code) newer novel titled – Origin. He is clearly a great writer, but he remains so anti-church that it bends an otherwise great plot into the overkill category. I am a church go-er, but knew him to be a good story teller – and that’s often good enough for me. His opinions about Christian faith have some merit, but he’s too anxious to overlay human failure on the church. Anyway, if you want a compelling read, Mr. Brown does a great job, just don’t hold his views against me. My experience with THE CHURCH is completely different than his story portrays.

    I’m going to consider assembling the components of that drink. Hope you have a great week.

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    1. I actually just read “Origin” a few months ago. I didn’t mind it, but I felt a bit disappointed towards the end when I realized where it was going. I have read his previous novels as well but some years ago now. I enjoy the conspiracy that he builds into the storylines. My grandmother had a picture/sculpture of The Last Supper and I remember climbing up on a chair to get right in and examine it after my first Dan Brown novel. Haha.

      Hope you have a great week as well, and thanks for stopping in and thanks for the response on the photographs question.

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  3. Hi Shari, I too have never heard of Spanish Coffee and wondering if there is any alcohol in it and whether the froth at the top is marshmallow. Being a black girl myself I would possibly baulk at trying it although the photo makes it look appealing.
    My thoughts on your question – I think most people like photos and it gives something for those that don’t want to read something to look at but if you combine text you have satisified those that like to read as well. I believe that people are generally busy and when they see a post of text only – particularly if long- they baulk at even starting to read it. They know they don’t have the time and then there is the generational change where people don’t have the same attention span.So simply put I think a bit of both for a blog is a good formula.

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    1. Yes there is alcohol in it, brandy and kahlua typically. Although I have seen the bandy switched out. It really is more of a treat. Marshmallow would be tasty but it is just whip cream.

      I think you are right about text length for sure. People are so busy and really seem to have a hard time slowing down. I personally like to see the photo’s in a post. Thank you for the input!

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  4. That coffee looks great! I loved the “Wheel of Time” books, but it’s been years since I’ve read them. I can understand taking a break though, as it is a super long series, but I generally like to plow through a whole series if all the books are available.

    Have a great week!

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  5. Mmmm that coffee looks so good!! I like posts with a few photos, preferably with a story to go with them. I’m a very visual person. I hope your family’s health is better this week. Cheers to a healthy, fun week!

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