Snug & Cozy

Here is a couple other crafts I decided to try my hand at.

I completed this blanket a while ago as a test of my ability to use a sew machine. My grandmother was a seamstress so it is kind of embarrassing to admit that my ability to use a sew machine isn’t the greatest. However, I think this blanket turned out okay. It was a kit, so there wasn’t anything terribly challenging about putting it together.

This blanket was a bit of a different story. I had no pattern and no idea what I was doing.

December 15 image 1

I took some of the boy’s old sleepers and t-shirts, some of my favourites of course, and created the front of a blanket. That front blanket sat for almost a year without finishing it. However, as the colder weather came on this year I decided to go to the fabric store. My words to the helpful lady at the fabric desk were, “I have never bought fabric before…” She was very helpful and I left with some great fabric and finished my blanket that night.


I learned a few things from the experience and can’t wait to try making another. I have to confess that the fabric store might be a bit addicting.

By Shari Marshall – 2019