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Yearning – The Space Between Bookstore presented by A to Z 100 word stories


I’ll always question how it ended.

Olivia blindfolded me. It was soft and silky. Glitter guided me. I followed unresisting to the front of the bookstore blindfolded as if I might see something I shouldn’t or perhaps remember the way back.

Heightened senses made the worn carpet feel like grass. The air smelled rich beneath the smell of dust and old books. I could hear multiple voices talking softly. Everything around me seemed so alive.

The jingle of the bell was startling.

Sounds of traffic overwhelmed me. I was alone on the street. The door locked. The sign read closed.

By Shari Marshall – April 28, 2018

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Prompt for this 100 word post is from 101 Writing Prompts, prompt #32.

11 thoughts on “Yearning – The Space Between Bookstore presented by A to Z 100 word stories

    1. How much time has passed is an excellent question, and not one I dedicated a letter too. I think if I were to continue that question would need to be answered for sure, for now I imagine that there is a strange time breakdown once a person goes inside the bookstore so that time passes there but stands still outside.


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