Script & Director – Day 1 of 7 Day Photo Challenge

Photo #1 in the 7 day photo challenge.

“No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day”.

I accepted an open challenge from Irene Waters & Sandra. Similar to these open challenges I am not nominating anyone but please feel free to take up the challenge.


By Shari Marshall – 2017

9 thoughts on “Script & Director – Day 1 of 7 Day Photo Challenge

  1. I’m glad you took up the challenge. I also enjoyed trying to interpret the photos of those that challenged me. I love your photo. Does this mean that you have written a play and sat in on the production of it? It looks as though it was taken on location (tropical jungle?.I can’t work out if it is a telescope or a camera. The director is obviously some distance from the actors as he needs his foghorn to communicate. Look forward to knowing how near or how far I am from the true story of the photo.

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    1. I actually took the photo at Hollywood Studios. It is part of the setup around the Indiana Jones area of the park. However, for the challenge I was thinking more in terms of script and director of my own life.

      I agree with you about the interpretation of other people’s photos; it is fun.

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