Coffee Faerie

I held just one smooth brown coffee bean in my hand gently rolling it between my palms. I was aware of a faint fragrance drifting up from my palms, and I found the whole situation relaxing. I often twirled a coffee bean between my palms, but this time something about this little bean was different. As I became engrossed in conversation I automatically stopped playing with the bean, but instead of discarding it I held it in my left fist unaware that my hand was sweating around it.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp poke from inside my fist. I loosened my grip on the bean a bit, and rubbed my fingers around a bit before resettling my fist. Several small nudges came from inside my fist. My hand was laying in my lap just out of view from my coffee date friend, I looked down and opened my hand. The coffee bean appeared to be cracking like a tiny chocolate coloured egg and a tiny foot shot out the side. I choked on my sip of coffee and a suddenA to Z A sharp force of air exploded the coffee from my mouth. As if I was being fired from a canon, I flew from the room with the bean clutched in my hand.

I secured myself inside a public bathroom stall. I crashed my body heavily against the wall and closed my eyes. My breath was coming in fast short inhales and I had a thundering sound in my ears. This was it, I had finally lost my mind completely! Before I could explore this declaration completely my hand started to throb as if under assault by an angry mosquito.

I open my fist slowly thinking that I should just call 911 on my cell phone and wait for the troops to arrive and take me away. Curiosity got the better of me though, and I felt my jaw slack open and my eyes go round. I stared dumbfounded into my palm. The contents of my palm sat staring back at me. Without further thought I snapped my hand shut and rushed out of the bathroom slowing just enough to grab my coffee off the table and utter a sad excuse about a bad tummy to my friend. I ran the 3 blocks home and straight into my kitchen where I opened my fist and slowly slide the contents onto the counter.

She was beautiful. At 3 inches tall she boasted a caramel complexion with nut-brown shoulder length hair. She glared at me from big eyes the colour of coco powder. I never questioned how she fit into a tiny coffee bean, I never really got a chance. She rose up off the counter until she was eye level with me. She hovered in front of me and I couldn’t look away or close my eyes as she slowly flew closer and closer peering deep into my eyes. I was aware of a strange stirring inside me as if my soul was answering questions that my ears couldn’t hear. Unexpectedly she turned away and flew towards my cupboards allowing me a full glance of the wings that carried her.

If I thought she was beautiful her wings put her to shame. They were an amazing mixture of creams, hazels, and chestnuts in her wings. Her wings were thin and the light shone threw them in sparkles. Each wing curved up in a graceful arc that ended in a delicate point. The edge of the wings were frayed and wispy conveying a soft silky texture. The bottom half of each wing curved down in the shape of a sideways J and the frayed wispy texture was caught underneath. They barely fluttered as she sailed across my kitchen and into the cupboard above my coffee maker. The cupboard slammed shut after her and I feared she might be stuck.

I couldn’t bring myself to move right away though. I stared at the cupboard and worked to slow my breathing again. As my initial feeling of insanity started to wear off I became aware of small bangs and clangs coming from inside the cupboard as well as small grunts of effort.

When I opened the cupboard I found it rearranged. The most interesting thing I found was one of my coffee cups turned on its side on top of a saucer. Inside the mug coffee grinds had been poured out in a soft heap and a filter had been turned into a blanket folded off to the side of the mug. She had made a bed in the mug. The cupboard itself was tidied into the neatest order I had ever seen it and I became aware that the faint smell of coffee that lingered in this cupboard was no longer faint but rich and aromatic. The fairy was sitting on a coffee bean staring at me.

I smiled at her. She smiled back. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” I asked her. She seemed to glow in response. Quickly we found ourselves seated at the counter each with a cup of coffee. She looked as if she could swim in cup.

I peaked at her over the rim of my mug, took a sip that I hastily spit back into the mug. Too hot. The faerie, because at this point I had realized what she was, crossed the counter in a second and shook a sparkly substance from her wings into my mug. “There,” My imagination personified & trying to figure out who this character is that is trying to take overshe said in a voice that seemed too big for her small person. “It should be a perfect temperature now.”

I lifted it hesitantly to my lips and took a sip. Perfect, and it tasted delicious. I put it down and looked at this mystical creature perched on the rim of a coffee cup watching me. With a sigh I asked the obvious question, “What the hell is going on?”

“I’m a Coffee Faerie,” she replied. When I continued to stare at her with a dazed look on my face she finally shrugged and sighed herself. “My coffee bean cracked for you, that means you and I are destine to travel together for the rest of your life.”

That’s how my life became entwined for eternity with a Coffee Faerie.

By Shari Marshall – 2017