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A – Z Blogging Challenge, Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles presents the Letter L for Lightsaber

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Over the last few years I have learned an amazing amount about Marvel characters and the Marvel storyline. I have also learned a number of things about Star Wars and the draw of the lightsaber. However, in my house all these things include duels to the death!

Originally, each child would take up a role of some Marvel character and the fight would begin against each other, or against an invisible foe, or sometimes against myself or my husband when we were forced into the role of evil villain. Interestingly, when the lightsaber was introduced to the boys it opened up a whole new door in the world of duels.

The lightsaber, for those of you who might not know, is the weapon of the Jedi. It is amazingly powerful and when used in combination with the force it gets even more powerful in the feats it can perform. There are seven lightsaber colours: blue (most standard colour, justice & protection), green (secondary blade colour that is equal to blue, peace through the force), red (evil Force users use red lightsabers, evil & power), purple (rare colour, mix of good & evil or use of light & dark side techniques), yellow (intrigue & pursuit as well as strength on the light side), white (calm & clear), black (there is only one darksaber, self-obsession ).L image 1

I have one son with a red and one with a blue. If I was to pick one for myself I would like a purple one. Anyway, this past December we visited Hollywood Studios and my younger son was excited about 2 things. The first was getting his picture taken with Chewbacca and the second was Dark Vader! My younger son advised us in a deep rumbling whisper, “I go to the dark side.” All I could think was Honey you are already there.

They also both built their own lightsabers. You would have thought they won the lottery.

L image 2aThe other big deal about this adventure occurred when my older son participated in Jedi training and he was part of a fight against the dark side. As I am sure you can imagine this added a new level to the duels in our house as he claimed superiority over those of us who had not received the training. He started yelling the choreographed moves he had learned, “strike to the right, strike to the left, duck, and strike to the head…”

Raising boys, there is never a dull moment!

By Shari Marshall – April 14, 2017

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    1. Yes, it can be a disaster. My husband and I joke that when we move we are going to live in a box so that the boys can crash and bang into the walls and we can just get a new box instead of plaster and paint!


  1. I’m not sure if they’ll outgrown it. Nathan Fillion has a great story the gist of which is saw someone down the street from his house with a lightsaber so he ran back to his house to grab his own lightsaber which he keeps by his door. It’s important to be prepared for a lightsaber duel. WeekendsInMaine

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  2. Greetings Shiri, I have been blogging for around 8 months now and have a site showcasing my designs for custom Lightsabers. Whilst browsing WordPress’ recommendations in the Reader, I was shown this post and when I read it realised you may be in need of a saber for your own protection! I have a saber design that you may like and have posted it on my site (link below) for you to see. If your Youngling’s Lighsbaber duels get a bit out of hand you could tell them you will get your “real” saber and show them this design!
    I have included links back to your blog in my post and will be reading a few more of your posts after I send this comment. Here is the link to “Your Lightsaber” I hope you like it:


    Thank you for a fun and entertaining read,
    For Tyeth


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