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A – Z Blogging Challenge, Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles presents the Letter C for Cars & Trucks

The Mother of Boys
Hands on the cupboard and shoes in the hall. Toilet seats up and there’s mud on the wall. The shelves in the kitchen are constantly bare. There’s toys on the couch and jeans on the chair. Wrestling and mud and cars and noise; I’m sure you guessed…I’m the mother of boys!” – Patsy Gaut


Cars and trucks are all over the house and the R.V. When I was growing up we called them “dinky cars” which is a name that I think has aged out. Now they are Hot Wheels. Regardless, the boys love zooming them all over the place.

We have all different colours and models. Unfortunately, they can be a danger if left on the floor the stairs. I have had to enforce a No Hot Wheel Zone on the stairs for that reason. However, the side of the stairs is such a tempting ramp to speed the cars down. The problem is not only do they get left behind but sometimes they mark the wall when they fly off the side of the stair at top speed.

In spite of the damage and danger hazard they carry I have to admit the Hot Wheels track for the car is fun and the loop tracks are a blast. The thing that I really love about Hot Wheels is that they are so versatile: outside it is rocks, dirt, water, gravel, grass, and inside surfaces are great too! They are great for travel because of their size and weight. A few cars make for a great activity.

  1. Races
  2. Simple zooming round on the floor, making ramps, jumps, tunnels and etcetera
  3. Stunts
  4. Just collecting them
  5. Trading them
  6. Making crafts with them like picture frames, or art by driving painted wheels over a paper/canvas, or creating a picture by placing a number of cars in a pattern on a board…There are lots of Do-it-yourself Hot Wheel projects on Pinterest.

“Wish these kids would just go home, who needs games when you still got your hot wheels.” – Beefy Minimum Wage Slave

By Shari Marshall – April 4, 2017