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Coffee & a 2016 Review

If we were having coffee I would start by thanking you for a great year of writing and coffee. For me it has been a year full of learning about the WordPress writing community as well as growing as a blogger. I have spent a bit of time reviewing my blog this last week because it has been just over a year now since I entered the blogging world and I wanted to see what the last year looked like. Here are a few favourites from the year:

Fairies Garden: Weekly Photo Challenge, under my Blog category, received a lot of likes. It was my first and only time entering the weekly photo challenge, but I would like to participate in it again.

Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles can be found under my Freelance category. This piece is actually going to be my inspiration or theme for the A to Z blogging challenge this year.

Sleep(less): A Young Police Mom & the Last Fingers of Tiredness is under my Memoirs & Life Stories category

Nightly Infestations can be found under my Mental Health category. This post was written in response to The Daily Post one-word prompt and it was only the second time I had tried this writing prompt and I found I enjoyed the challenge as well as the community there.

Under the Parenting category I had a lot of fun writing, but this was the category that I started blogging with. Parenting was my inspiration, all those parenting moments that left me shaking my head and filling up with a story that needed to be told.

Vacation Under the Oceans of Naboo is another of my favourite and it is under my travel category.

If we were having coffee I would ask you what your 2016 favourites from your own blog are, and I would take down some of those titles to read later if I haven’t enjoyed them already.

If we were having coffee I would express my gratitude about the world of blogging because it has given me so much. Aside from the great reads and a place to share my own work, blogging has encouraged me to write regularly and therefore return to a passion I had let slide away. Blogging encouraged me to try sharing my work for publication and resulted in two pieces being published, to take a memoir course, and to participate in NaNoWriMo which lead to a rough manuscript to edit. Thank you blogging and to the blogging community!

Thanks for having coffee with me, and lots of luck writing this year. I can’t wait to read as many pieces from you that I can!

By Shari Marshall – 2017

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