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When it comes to coffee and writing, what’s the best flavour?

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A mild aroma of roasted nuts swirls on the air currents. However, as I sip my coffee this morning I am just not sure what to share. I am sure there has been lots, but somehow it just doesn’t want to follow down my arms, and through my fingertips onto the keyboard. Instead I have a Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in the City, columnist image stuck in my head. The image is not so much Sarah Jessica Parker herself staring mindlessly at her computer while mesmerized by the thin black line blinking erect on and off the screen. The image stuck in my head is the screen itself when Carrie Bradshaw types that one questionable, or hesitant sentence, and leaves it hanging with an ellipsis, or question mark:

When it comes to coffee and writing, what’s the best flavour?

And then it hits me, I ran 4 times this week.

That repetitive solid thump, thump of pavement reverberating up my legs and torso. The reoccurring action chasing all thoughts from my mind. Not an active running meditation where I am aware of every footfall, just a love of running that frees me.

Twice this week I ran in the rain. I love running in the rain. I know, I can see you looking at me. Yes, I didn’t just say I love running, I said I love running in the rain. Your head is cocked to the side, your brow is scrunched up in a questioning manner, and I can see the glimmer in your eyes questioning my sanity. Please let me explain.

The rain is a soft gentle patter coupled with a barely perceptible breeze that almost tickles my skin. Instead of my clothing being sweat soaked and plastered to my skin locking in the heat, my clothing, although damp, feels cool and refreshing. The small beads of liquid running down my forehead toward my eyes are cleansing, not blinding. With a mind that is free and clear, I can close my eyes and the rain washes everything away. It is the greatest feeling to lift my face toward the sky, eyes closed, and just let the tiny cool drops dance on my skin as my feet dance over the ground (careful not to trip though). The feel of the rain on my skin, and the ground beneath my feet makes me smile; for me it is cathartic. The first time I ran in the rain I cried, something I had been incapable of doing for a long time, and the rain provided me both shelter and mask. Anyway, when the run is done, I feel pure and clear.

I have run in the cold pelting rain too, the kind of rain where each drop that pelts your skins stings. This is the kind of rain that inspires speed, each drop a tiny whip spurring you forward. A rain and a run where anger is unburied and ridden to exhaustion, but we’ll leave that for another discussion…


So, if we were having coffee today I would invite you up onto my front porch. Yes, I know it is small, but it is cozy. This little spot is built for enjoying coffee, and this morning we will be sipping mellow coffee that boasts lightly toasted nuts and cocoa. The bouquet from the coffee is mild and delicious, something I savour after a morning run. Anyway, we could stretch our feet out, maybe perch them up on the rail and just relax.

My front porch is tucked back from the road, and up 6 steps. There is just enough space on the left side of the door for the round table to nestle in the corner with a chair squared off for each of us. I added the bright pink petunias to offset the beige house and the black table and chairs, just a splash of colour. This splash of colour is very different from the 2 flower pots at the base of the stairs which are full of orange, yellow, greens, white and purple.

Now that you are situated, I’ll ask you, when it comes to coffee and writing, what’s the best flavour?

By Shari Marshall – 2016

8 thoughts on “When it comes to coffee and writing, what’s the best flavour?

  1. The rain sounds heavenly. We haven’t had much this summer so any little sprinkle and I’m out walking in it. After I’d be sipping a cup of earl grey tea while enjoying the aroma of your coffee.

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  2. I was only able to run once this week, partially because I don’t really like to run in the rain. I don’t mind the feel of the rain on me as I run, I hate the feeling that I might slip and fall at any moment, particularly when the cars pass too close and too fast. Slick, wet pavement is a little phobia, I think.

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  3. Your porch is lovely, and I thank you for the delicious coffee. I have always wanted to be a runner but, alas, my body has never cooperated with that endeavor no matter how slowly I try to train. I have to be content with walking, something I love to do so I’m satisfied with that. Since I love to walk in all kinds of weather, including rain, I can understand how you would like running in the rain. 🙂

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  4. Your running in the rain sounds fabulous! This week I got caught in the rain while on a walk. First, I started running to escape it but then realized it was coming down so hard that it would’ve been fruitless. So in the end I just walked and let the water run down my face and back, it was actually an awesome experience in the end. 🙂

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  5. I run, come rain, sun or shine… I am kinda tiny bit of fitness junkie ^_^
    and I prefer my coffee decaf.. the caffeine messes with my working out and then I have to drink twice as much water which if I am trying to write means more bathroom breaks and time wiles away.

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  6. I love how you described running in the rain. Makes me want to experience it that way too, the one where the “tiny cool drops dance on my skin.” I’ve run from the rain before, but not in it. Thank you for the beautiful reflections. 🙂

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