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Over coffee…

Today over coffee we discuss what it would look like to view our life like a movie real.

As soon as our steaming mugs hit the table top I burst out with my question of the day. Have you ever had one of those moments when you just know you are surrounded by ridiculousness, and that it would be some kind of entertainment to be temporarily thrown outside your body to hover and watch the film strip replay? The look you give me is full of questions. As we settle our belongings I begin by explain that I am bringing this topic to the table in light of the morning I had trying to get to our coffee date. I can see it clearly, and without thought rush to share this clip with you:

It is a typical week day morning. Everyone is rushing to the truck; we are behind, and the clock is ticking. Three doors on the truck stand open. Child 1 is climbing in. One check mark. However, child 2 is trying to close the door on child 1. Good grief, one x mark. Of course child 2 doesn’t want to be reprimanded for this activity, so he plugs his ears and starts running around the truck. Without thought, I fall prey to the game, and give chase. Faster and faster, laughter from him, and mounting frustration from me. My voice rings out over the ridiculousness, “You are driving me to the crazy!” As my hand manages to grasp the back of his coat and brings the riot to a halt, the whole situation hits me with a wave of laughter. Instantly, I think about being a fly on the wall because surely if I could watch this scene in playback it would give me a smile.

You smile at me and laugh, noting that for what sounds like a wild morning, I seem to be in good spirits about it. I laugh in return. A fast change in thought patterns from the hurry, hurry, hurry, we are going to be late to that of an outsider looking in really did make me smile. These are the moments, I say with a laugh. As a closing remark I share with you the quote I received this morning on my phone, “Our positive thoughts largely determine the direction of our life. Our mind is the control center of our life. Thinking positive today will help you make good decisions.”

I can tell that you are eager to share a scene from your movie real. I sit back in my chair, enjoying the warm coffee mug in my hand. The sun shining in through the window falls brightly across our table. It is a perfect stage for sharing. I smile at you encouragingly before I raise my mug to my lips. You place your mug firmly on the table, both hands folded around it, then you clear your throat and launch into it…

By Shari Marshall – 2016