My Life as a Spring Rocker

Life is rhythmic, but occasionally I am lonely. My time spent standing still in the corner, waiting, with my arms spread wide leaves me craving the feel of a warm solid body. That body braced against me reassures that knowledge swaying through me that my upholstered back and heavily padded seat provide a state of physical ease.… Continue reading My Life as a Spring Rocker

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“Can I come into the Out Now?”

Initially, I felt as if there was nobody I could tell about my mental health. A deep feeling of isolation began to build higher around me. I felt locked in the freezer like the alien Bov, Ow, from the DreamWorks movie Home. I was imprisoned inside a glass cell where I could only be a… Continue reading “Can I come into the Out Now?”


Gregory Green and the Backyard Bullfrogs

Gregory Green was upset, and not just a little upset, he was terribly upset. He had just moved to a new house, in a new neighbourhood, in a new town. Although his parents told him he should be happy because he had finished his school year before moving, he was not. He didn’t want to… Continue reading Gregory Green and the Backyard Bullfrogs

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Emotion as Expressive Characters

 Parents have you ever seen the little man with oversized ears sitting on top of your child’s head, or perched inside of your child’s ear? Maybe you have seen a large red grumpy monster with 5 eyes and 5 mouths walking like a shadow behind your child, or a blue laughing man with flowers and… Continue reading Emotion as Expressive Characters

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Beautiful Journeys: Our stories to tell

“The ring of flesh opened suddenly, and my fingers touched something wet and hard. Relaxation, and it moved back, away, leaving the ends of my fingers tingling with the knowledge that I touched someone entirely new. Once more the great pressure, the stretching came, and once more eased slowly back. I pushed back the edge… Continue reading Beautiful Journeys: Our stories to tell

Parenting & Other Life Stories

2 Big Changes caused by Motherhood

Everyone knows, or jokes, about certain things that you can kiss goodbye when you become a parent: privacy, sleep, and sex. I want to write about 2 of the less talked about things that change or disappear when the vail on parenting gets thrown back, and you are thrust ass first into the squall! Poop.… Continue reading 2 Big Changes caused by Motherhood