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Forgiveness – A process, not a planned occasion

Anger so hot it felt frozen washed over me in repeating waves that carried whitecaps of sorrow. There was a mixed sadness along with a tiny bit of hope, but it carried a bittersweet echo that caused the wraiths of my past to walk. I felt them crawling free of the tomb I’d tried to… Continue reading Forgiveness – A process, not a planned occasion

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Photo Prompt #38: cause to become silent

Use this image as a prompt to create a post and reference back here. You can come back and share by posting your link in the comment section below. That’s it! Can’t wait to view your posts… —Content Warning!!— cause to become silent “This isn’t a Cinderella story,” That’s what she told me as we… Continue reading Photo Prompt #38: cause to become silent

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Vanilla Hazelnut and Bewitched Blue

A vanilla hazelnut blend graces my mug this morning. It is a bit bitter but welcome and I sip slowly as I stare at the sky this morning. It is one of those mornings where there is blue sky but a heavy haze lingers as the atmosphere decides whether it wants to rain or let… Continue reading Vanilla Hazelnut and Bewitched Blue

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Music & Milestones

Let’s go beyond entertainment, music has many health benefits. It has physical, mental, and emotional effects as well as an ability to alter states of consciousness. Its healing benefits for mind, body, and spirit mark music as an amazing tool. What songs define your life or represent your milestones? One song that represents a period… Continue reading Music & Milestones