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Sleep(less): A Young Police Mom & the Last Fingers of Tiredness

As Zarya’s 5’3 and 135 pound frame enters the daycare she is swarmed by a mob of hyper toddlers jumping, hugging, grabbing, and generally causing mischief. One small hand reaches out and starts to pull her baton from her duty belt. With a mother’s lightning reflexes she stops him just as he pulls it free.… Continue reading Sleep(less): A Young Police Mom & the Last Fingers of Tiredness

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Nightly Infestation

“Obsessions are recurring ideas, thoughts, images, or impulses that seem senseless but nonetheless continue to intrude into your mind.” – Edmund J. Bourne, PhD What was that noise? The night feels heavy almost suffocating, can’t anyone else feel it? Her mind stops, her breath catches, and her body tenses. Every muscle of her body is… Continue reading Nightly Infestation


Hard-work Flowers & Bumblebee Fairies

We’d heard the stories, but we had always just thought of them as myth, urban legend, folklore, or fairy-tale… This particular day we were just trying to catch a bumblebee. We should have thought better of it, especially when it landed on the sunflower, but we were so involved. Fae’s voice drove us like an… Continue reading Hard-work Flowers & Bumblebee Fairies