Oxygenated Appetite

The feeling of discomfort grows. A strong desire turns to a craving, an insufferable appetite. Humans, a vampire’s cattle, walk before me unaware of their looming slaughter. Imaging the movement of the body fluid that fills their circulator systems overwhelms me. What shade of red runs through their veins? No matter, when the hemoglobin in… Continue reading Oxygenated Appetite

Parenting & Other Life Stories

A bloody fall

The Penis Chronicles presents, “A bloody fall.” “The funny thing about kids is they are the reason we lose it and the reason we hold it together.” – https://me.me/i/the-funny-thing-about-kids-is-they-are-the-reason-d01c53ddd6434414a6c8b1dfc8544e4c Have you ever read any of those sayings about parenting boys and it being harder to keep them alive? It that my heart has stopped and… Continue reading A bloody fall