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A grassy theme for the mouth

My loose leaf literally looks like cut dried blades of grass. It is a seaweed colour and it even smells grassy. The steeped tea leaves open up from those blades of grass to reveal that they are in fact pieces of dried leaves. The tea in my cup is a pale yellowish-green and has a grassy taste to it. Can I offer you a cup of Japanese Sencha green tea?

If we were having coffee tea, I would remind you that I mentioned a couple coffee shares ago that I was going to try tea for a few coffee shares. What I didn’t mention is that, although I am a coffee drinker and lover, tea drinking isn’t really outside my routine. A typical morning for me, whether I am working or on days off, is coffee first and then a couple cups of tea and maybe a second coffee. My tea though is usually caffeine free especially if I plan to have that second cup of coffee.

If we were having coffee tea, would share with you that I solved my 2000-piece puzzle board delimma. Although I wanted a board or table so that I could easily move a puzzle in progress, I ended up getting a puzzle mat. With the help of a second person, I can move the puzzle. The mat cleans up and stores away easy when not in use, and apparently it can be rolled up with the puzzle on it. I’m a bit unsure about rolling my puzzle. Has anyone tried it?

If we were having coffee tea, I would share with you that the tiredness from my COVID exposure is still lingering and I have developed a cough that comes and goes as well as an ear that plugs for a few days and then clears. Some of you might remember that in addition to my COVID exposure, my older son slammed his finger in the truck door. I am happy to report that it is healing up well and he is able to use it now without a lot of pain. It is a nasty colour and he is going to lose the fingernail, but he isn’t concerned.

If we were having coffee tea, I would share the link to my Letter M post from A-to-Z. It is a teaser post from my upcoming novel The Ember Stone. It is on par with my A-to-Z theme of 100 words. Here is the link: Marshmallow.

If we were having coffee tea, I would pass you the teapot and the coffee pot and wait eagerly to hear about your week.

By Shari Marshall – 2022

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I hope you have a chance to join us for a virtual cup. Coffee share #??.

14 thoughts on “A grassy theme for the mouth

  1. Good morning and thank you for the tea! I drink both and have tried more tea varieties than coffees over the years. I had no idea they have created a puzzle mat, that’s so cool! And maybe even rolling up your puzzle? Now that’s interesting!! Wonder if it really works, but since it is all connected it may work!! I clicked on the link and read your book share snippet, intriguing! ❤️

    I’m off doing horsey stuff like usual this weekend and I’m hoping to share coffee with everyone with a blog post. I’m glad you are feeling better and your son’s hand is better too! Have a wonderful weekend! 🤠❣️

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    1. Thank for stopping in Diana. Thank you so much for checking out the link. I am so excited about it and you have provided so much support since I started writing it back in January of 2021, so thank you again so much.

      I hope you enjoy your horsey stuff. I will watch for you coffee post. If you pop back in, feel free to leave the link.

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  2. I have seen people roll up puzzles in mats, but seems a little scary to me. But the mat is a good idea.
    Sorry the Covid exposure seems to have gotten the worse of you. A friend of mine has “long-Covid”, not a fate I’d wish on an enemy! Hope you are back to 100% soon.
    So, you may have to cjhange the name of your blog to “Brewing coffee (or tea), Twisting..etc, etc…” lol

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    1. Thanks Trent. I think if it doesn’t show signs of letting up soon that I will have visit the doctor. Haha, adding tea into the title doesn’t have the same ring to it, but I will be back to coffee soon. Thanks for stopping in.

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  3. Glad your son’s finger is healing, and sorry you’re still feeling the effects of COVID. I hope you’re both feeling back to normal soon.

    The puzzle looks fun. I love puzzles, but I hardly ever make time to do them.

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    1. Thanks Janet. I am sure we will be back to feeling normal soon.

      Time is the thing with puzzles. That was one of the reasons I needed a storage solution. Sometimes I get a bit of time to work on it and then a long stretch will pass when I just don’t have the time. Anyway, thanks for having a virtual coffee with me.


  4. This is getting very old Shari. Yesterday I penned a longer comment on this post only to have the system decide afterwards that something about your site was a danger to my own and declined to post my comment and thus is was lost. It was so close to church time that we had to leave and thus I did not make it back to try again, because that’s how this situation pans out. I get the message, it drops my comment (should have saved it somehow before submitting) but come back later and things might work again.

    What I tried to post was that I thought my Aunt had one of those puzzle rolling pads and it seemed to work for her. I thought and still think I’d prefer a solid piece of finished plywood, with a matching piece that is covered with either a thick fabric or layer of light weight foam so when one laid the foam covered piece atop the working one, you could clamp the two together with big binder clips and the foam would keep both the finished edges and remaining pieces in place as you slid the whole plywood and puzzle sandwich beneath some selected bed where it would be both safe and out of the way until the next round of puzzling.

    I hope you soon manage to push covid’s impact on you and your family off into the historical dust bin of life’s little challenges real soon.


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    1. I have been having that happen this last week or so when I am trying to post A to Z comments. I am not sure what it is about but it is very frustrating. Sorry, about that Gary. Would you mind letting me know if it happens on my site again and I will reach out to the WordPress Team about it?

      Thanks for stopping and having the patience to try your comment ago. I do love hearing from you.


  5. I have thought about getting a puzzle mat for my puzzle project, but I realized when will I have the time to work on the project with my long commute and little free time? But now since I have a new job closer to home, hopefully it will allow me to pursue more hobbies.

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