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Cover Reveal – The Ember Stone

In January 2021, I set myself a goal: here. I was going to write a novel. For the rest of 2021, I share posts about my progress writing. I came to the end of the year with a full length manuscript for my first urban fantasy novel. Since then, there has been editing, sharing, and feedback.

Today I am excited to share with you the cover for my debut novel, The Ember Stone.
The Ember Stone is due for release in early June in paperback and Kindle format.

By Shari Marshall – 2022

11 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – The Ember Stone

        1. Yes you have some great covers. I look forward to seeing your cover reveal!

          I actually have a question for you Trent, if you don’t mind? I recall a post from you a while back about one of your books, it might have been “Fireborn”, being in your local library. Did you play an active roll on the library picking it up? Any tips you could share with me?

          Thanks Trent.

          For anyone wanting to see Trent’s covers they can be viewed on his blog,

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          1. Thanks, Shari. I asked the librarian in my local library, but I think what you are referring to is my home town (I shared a photo of the book on a shelf). In that case, it was either my sister or my mom, both who know people at the library. I think in both libraries they added the books under “local authors”. That would be the way I start – just go in with a book in hand and ask.

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