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Shadows and steam: Coffee 7

The house sits dark around me this morning. I make my coffee by candle light as I try to preserve these few stolen moments for myself. I creep across the room, coffee in hand, to sit on my sofa. I set my coffee on the coffee table close to the candle and settle myself on the sofa.

The green candle is a glowing backdrop for my coffee mug. The mug itself is just a shadow with wispy streams of ghostly steam rising from its shadows. As much as I want to enjoy my magical cup of coffee the image is too interesting to disturb right away, so I enjoy the quiet, the flickering candle light and the images I see in the rising steam.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you how often do you give your blog a facelift? How often to you update it? I have been slowly sifting through old post and updating tags and images but I have a desire to make a few changes that would be more update/facelift. Do you think that it throws off regular visitors when the blog is constantly changing?

If we were having coffee, I would share an update on my editing. It has been going pretty good. I have learned a few things about how I write that I didn’t even realize I was doing and I was surprised by it. I tend to write in a formal voice. Interestingly, from there I noted that when I read words like “I am” I read “I’m” and I seem to do it with most contractions. This wasn’t helpful when I did my own edits because I didn’t catch the formal tone. My assumption is that my years for writing essays and formal papers has shaped my writing in this way. It has been a very helpful thing learn about my writing for so many reasons. This particular first big editing journey has also shown me that there truly will be a number of different drafts before the end product emerges.

If we were having coffee, I would share with you that my son tested positive for COVID last weekend just a few days after he got his second vaccine. I have never seen a person so cold. His little body was purple with cold at one point and I had to get him into a hot tub to pull the chill out. From there he went to bed in pj shirt and pants with his socks and a fleecy sweater, hood up. 7 blanket and a heated bean bag and he was asleep. I think that was probably his dominant symptom and tiredness. Everyone else in my house tested negative but had a varying degree of similar symptoms. It seems that everyone is on the mend, but I’m feeling pretty tired. So, we shall see…

If we were having coffee, I would ask you if you are ready to hold the coffee pot and share your week’s adventures with me?

By Shari Marshall – 2022

15 thoughts on “Shadows and steam: Coffee 7

  1. Hi Shari – Wow – I’d not heard of this cold body effect of having covid before. By the time you read this, I hope your little guy is well down the path of a full recovery.
    I had to smile about your editing experience. I recall reading about this somewhere. I did not get as much of your story read this week as I expected. There were life distractions and a true bout of outright laziness part of the week. I’ll do better this week.

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    1. He was back to school today so that was good. We shall see how long it lasts, sadly the school has advised that there are a large number of people associated to the school that are symptomatic and/or positive.

      A little laziness is needed some times. Hope you made the best of it. Have a great week Gary.


  2. I can relate to treasuring those quiet moments by yourself. Covid is scary, especially when your child gets it. It does sound like you all had it because of the symptoms. I think the tests are not always accurate. I think that is why the test kits recommend you re-test in a couple of days. Hope you are all on the road to recovery. Take some more restful moments for yourself too.

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  3. I hope your son feels better soon and everyone in your family feels OK. I’m glad to hear you have brief moments of quietude. I usually do a cleanup and refresh of my blog at least once a year, usually between Christmas and New Year’s. I think if you do a blog makeover once or twice a year and mention it on your blog before you do the makeover, it should be fine. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

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  4. I’m sorry about your son! I’ve heard many different symptoms, but I think this is the first time being so cold. Sounds like he is on the mend, and I hope he is better soon. Same with the rest of your family (and you), even if nobody else tested positive.
    Early in my blog’s life I often wanted to go back and correct things and update things, but I realized how few people see the older posts. There are a few posts that always pop up, but… I had originally thought about the blog as an ever expanding magazine, but realized it was more of a journal, and as such, I keep it as is for “historical” purposes. Now the layout is different. I used to refresh it every so often, but haven’t in about two years. I should go back and clean it up soon… but most likely won’t 😉

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    1. You are right about it viewing on the older posts plus I just removed the Archive drop down menu to that limits it more. It was a big job but it was fun to revisit some of those older posts. Thanks for stopping in Trent. Hope you have a great week.

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  5. I’m king of a lazy, hobby blogger. I think it’s been a few years since I changed anything on my blog. I still use blogger and I’m always nervous I’ll ruin or lose things if I do anything too drastic. And I’m too “cheap” to pay someone to do it for me. Ha! If I were pursuing writing, I wonder what my style would be. I know when I blog I tend to write as though I’m having a conversation with someone. Hopefully your son is feeling better.

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    1. I share that same worry about losing things when I make changes on the blog. So, it is usually a bit of a process for me to do. I don’t have a budget to pay someone to help me with it either.

      Conversation can make for some great writing.

      Thanks for stopping in Kirstin.


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