On the horizon

This year I have been writing a novel.

There are 41 days left in 2021 or 42 if you are counting today. I am finishing writing chapter 25 and I have approximately 87 thousand words. What an amazing year for writing! The Nameless Files are almost done.

You may recall that I had originally planned to write more then one story involving this cast of characters from The Nameless Files. However, as I wrote in an earlier blog post that my story ideas for those characters played out in a different way and the ideas for the other adventures no longer existed. Well, here I am months later and I have had other options for further stories develop as book 1 of The Nameless Files continued to develop. It has been interesting to experience the waves of writing that crash and recede only to roll forward with another wave.

Will there be a book #2? Maybe. Time will tell.

I recall reading, or perhaps I was told, that when a writer finished one writing project there should be another one on the horizon.

By Shari Marshall – 2021