The Question: To Share or Not to Share?

This year I am writing a novel.

One question that I have asked myself a few times since I started this writing journey is whether I should share as I am writing or wait till it is all finished? From this question I also ask myself, if I share who do I share it with? How much do I share? Will feedback be distracting and on and on the questions go. So, beyond my weekly update posts here at Brewing Coffee, Twisting Words & Breaking Pencils I have not shared.

My boys have taken a bit of interest into what mom could possibly be taking SO long to write. I have explained little ideas to them here and there when they ask but I usually just got empty stares and shoulder shrugs.


Moving on…

So, the other day when those curious questions surfaced again I went with a different approach and I them out loud to them the page of writing that I had just finished. A few things happened next:

  1. They loved it which was a confidence boaster for me (even if their opinion is biased).
  2. They had questions which opened up a bit of fun and helpful dialogue.
  3. They started to try and come up with a final title for the novel which was entertaining and fun as well.

So, sharing a bit of writing with my boys was good. I felt inspired to keep moving forward with the story.

How about you, do you share a piece of writing with anybody before it is finished?

By Shari Marshall – 2021

7 thoughts on “The Question: To Share or Not to Share?

  1. My philosophy is that you should write the rough draft, and maybe do quick high level changes (reorganize chapters to make better sense, fix that glaring plot hole, etc) before seeking feedback. That being said, I have written four novels as serial novels and a few very long novellas that I have posted very rough chapters on line (my blog) as I write them, sometimes writing and posting four or five or even six chapters a week! Yeah, so I don’t practice what I preach 😉

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  2. My mom always loves what I write. To get honest feedback and learn from your journey, I go to fellow writers, alpha and beta readers.

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  3. I also have mixed feelings. I’ve had a beta reader who helped make my writing stronger, but it’s also hard to get reliable beta readers. But it is good to get honest feedback.

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