Would you rather…

Would you rather write with a pencil and paper or type on a laptop?

Would you rather write alone in a silent isolated room or surround by people in a busy public space?

Would you rather write fiction or non-fiction?

Would you rather be sucked into the world in the page of a book or have the characters come out of the pages into real life?

Would you rather be a villain or a hero?

Do you have a “would you rather…” to share?

By Shari Marshall – 2020

11 thoughts on “Would you rather…

  1. I’m much faster typing on a computer, though I do reserve pen and paper for my to do lists.

    I’ve always been partial to reading the book before watching the movie. That way my imagination can form my own version of the story. That being said, I think I would rather keep my real life and my book life separate, so sucked into the pages of a book.

    I would rather be remembered as a hero, but I don’t know that you can be a hero without first having been a villain.

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