So NaNoPoBlano??

So, I decided right this second that I am going to try NaNoPoBlano this November. It is November 1, 2020 and the challenge starts today. This is my first post of the challenge. It is my understanding that one of the goals for the challenge is to post something every day this month. The rest of the rules can be found: here.

I was visiting some of my virtual coffee friend’s post for Weekend Coffee Share and found NaNoPoBlano mentioned. It was EdinburghCook v4.7 that mentioned it today and an intent to participate and I had to google it and find out what is this NaNoPoBlano that I keep reading about.  EdinburghCook v4.7 first NaNoPoBlano post is up and can be read: here. Thanks EdinburghCook v4.7!

Sign up can be found: here. But sign up closes today at midnight so if you are feeling the itch to participate in a blog challenge and write, write, write the timer is ticking on this challenge. I hope to see you all there.

I have to confess that at this point I have not given a plan to what the month’s posts for this challenge will be yet, but I think by end of day I will have some sort of a plan. This year at Brew Coffee, Twisting Words & Breaking Pencils I have been doing photo prompts so that could be an options. We shall see.

Well, that’s my NaNoPoBlano post for today. I am off to read a few other posts for fun and inspiration. Happy November everyone!

By Shari Marshall – 2020

11 thoughts on “So NaNoPoBlano??

  1. Hi Shari
    Never even heard of this. I’m already in the grips of NaNoWriMo.

    I’m glad I read the “rules”: we don’t have to post every day:

    Participants are committing to 30 days of blog activities– 10 days of posts, 10 days of reading/commenting, and 10 days of sharing posts through any other platform.

    There is no entry fee or requirement.
    There is no penalty if you don’t make it through.
    There is no guideline you must follow, but many prompts will be provided to help you stay inspired.
    There is no platform where your posting is required to be hosted.

    That I can probably handle. Already wrote over 2K for NaNo, so I feel confident.
    HA! We’ll see how long that lasts

    Good luck

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    1. The way I read it was Method 1 which is 30 days of posting or Method 2 which is the 3 way split of 10/30 writing, reading/commenting and cross posting. I am aiming for Method 1 with some of method 2 splashed in.

      Good luck with NaNoWriMo!


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