Ghost Monster (Guest Post by a 6 year old)

The following story is written and illustrated by a creative little 6 year old boy. This little boy wanted to be a part of the ghost story theme on “Writing is Communication” and he created the following for your reading enjoyment.

Ghost Stories OCT 16 2019 penis chronicle image.JPG
Image by Ow ©

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Ghost Monster.”

There was a guy name ghost monster. He was lava and ice. He had a pet made of fire and water. He came to the land of humans and tried to destroy the cities. He destroyed the houses and enslaved the people turning them into fire, ice, lava and water.

Some people escaped and tried to destroy Ghost Monster, but before they could destroy him he went back to the world of ice and lava.

The end.

By Ow -2019

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