2 thoughts on “Blizzard in Summer

  1. … and Foster Freeze. Do / did you have them up there? They have been well known for their huge list of milkshake flavors. My kids still talk about our special stops there. The kids had to wait in the car while dad went in to get the milkshakes. On my return, we played the Mystery Milkshake game. All three of them got quite worked up over it. I delivered the shakes and they had to guess the correct flavor they each had the same to make it fair. Of course I always tried to order something weird and hard to guess, but that always failed and they quickly honed in on the correct answer – but they loved the game and still talk about it – some 20 years later. I may have to drive up to the next city north of us where the last Dairy Queen around here still stands and check out the flavors. The kids would love a reprise of the game. Hmmmm.

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