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Code for summer

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Code for summer”

What does summer mean for me in the realm of parenting boys? Beyond the “is it time to go back to school again blues” it means dirty, dirty children!

I am not entirely sure how they manage it or if it is their unwritten child code for summer, but what I do know is that they layer themselves with it. Some days, particularly summer camping days, they are unrecognizable as little humans. Instead what returns to the front door usually resembles swamp monsters, creature from the deep, piggies emerging from a mud bog and other unidentifiable moving grimy, grubby, filthy, mucky living things. These soiled little humans might be dirty but they are smiling and usually looking for food.

Of course, they don’t want to waste time washing. Instead they want to inhale their food as fast as possible and return to whatever unknown activity was dirtying them up. My parenting thought, YUCK! This is when I gage the dirt and weigh the battle. I mean we all eat a certain amount of dirt in a life time; part of the human diet right?

Summer August 7 2019 image

The image above was retrieved from on May 20, 2019. There are a number of other funny sayings if you are looking for a laugh, just click the link.

Do your children have a code for summer?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

4 thoughts on “Code for summer

  1. Of note: the careless code i grew up under, wandering with friends among the local hills and storm drains with friends until dinner time at the latest when I was expected home in whatever condition the day had left me in. This code could no longer be applied to my own children. Too many threats were out there and my wife and I simply had to watch or control their environment and experiences much more than my parents ever did my own.

    Regret – satisfaction – amused at the recall of a much different time, but my children were safe. Dirty often, but safe.

    sigh. . .

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  2. We lived off of water hose drinks and snacks eaten with dirt covered hands in the summer. We played on wooden playgrounds that filled our hands, and sometimes knees, with slivers. And we were happy, healthy, and loving summer.

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