The Pillar

Very rarely does mom go somewhere overnight without the family. So, when she does there is usually a guilt trip from both children and the dog. Anyway, of course at night there are phone calls home. It is nice to hear those tiny little voices detailing their day and asking questions while trying to envision in their minds where mom is. It is also nice to know that being away hasn’t caused the epic disaster the children were painting before mom left.

pay phone.png

Usually there is something entertaining that comes of the phone call as well:

Me: Hey buddy how was school?
5 year old: Good I got candy. (silence)
Me: Candy? At school?
5 year old: Yeap (silence)
Me: What did you get candy for?
5 year old: (slight pause) I was a good citizen.
Me: (no immediate response because I am momentarily silenced by his answer and then he is done, end of conversation and the phone is passed off but I am left with a feeling of amusement.)

Those phone conversations are my pillar when I am away.

There is lots to be thankful for here: opportunity for time away, reminders of how important I am in the family, knowing that I am loved and missed, loving and missing my family reminds me how lucky I am, and of course amusing conversations with the parties at home.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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  1. I loved how you captured that little slice of family life with this story. Those moments of sharing by a little one, followed by “the handoff.” There’s something precious about it, which I felt reading this. Thanks for that.

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