L.O.V.E: an acrostic poem

Little feet, little bums, and little arms to hug their mom. Little hands that hold their place, and bring big smiles to every face. Lots of love, and lots of play brings lots of laughter every day.

Oh, so many gifts of joy come wrapped in a package of a baby girl, or baby boy.

Vital, valuable, vocal and fun, plus vibrant in every possible way, creating vivid memories every day.

Each and every special child gives joy and laughter to everyone. It is endless love, and endless fun.

Acrostic Poem:

An acrostic poem is a simple, and fun way to create poetry. It is a type of poetry that can be used to describe a subject or tell a story. The first letter in a line spells out a particular word, phrase, or story about the chosen topic. The topic can be about anything. There is no rhyme necessary, and no rhythm is necessary. It is best to use adjectives and phrases that describe the chosen word/topic.

This is a fun activity to do with kids. They can use their own name, or a name of a pet, or any word. Just have fun.

1. Decide what to write about. For example: fun.

  • For everyone.
  • Uniquely made by you.
  • No need to wait, try it now.

2. Write the word vertically.

3. Brainstorm words/phrases that describe the chosen topic.

4. Put the ideas on the line that starts with the letter until you have filled all the lines and made a poem.

By Shari Marshall – 2016