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6 Ways My Children Make Me Feel Like A Super Hero

For days that are challenging, I put on my Super Mom cape and review the following:complete love

Super Power 1: My kisses have the power to stop screaming, crying, to heal ouches, and basically solve all life’s tragedies.

Super Power 2: The few things I can’t fix with a kiss, I can fix simply because I am MOM!

Super Power 3: There is something called, “Mom’s way.” Mom’s way governs all activities by nature of being the right way. Any deviance from Mom’s way is corrected by the statement, “That’s not how Mom does it!”

Super Power 4: Regardless of how Mom is looking, or feeling, Mom’s company is highly sought after. No activity, or consequence is a deterrent from being in Mom’s company.

Super Power 5: Mom’s sudden appearance in a room has a calming effect, and super power 4 is activated.

Super Power 6: Loving Mom is unconditional, and Mom can do no wrong.

child love

Enjoy the super power and mother away!

By Shari Marshall – 2016