Unique Wrapping

“No one gets an unwrapped present on my watch!” – Bryony, Arthur Christmas

Looking for a unique way to include the children in the Christmas preparations? Look no further. Homemade wrapping paper is great for children of any age to make, and adults can enjoy this activity too!

I started making homemade wrapping paper when my 1st son was about 2 ½ years old. It was the first Christmas that I was worried about him getting into the presents under the Christmas tree, I just wasn’t sure if he would be able to restrain from opening them. Happily, I found that by letting him paint the presents they became his art work, and he didn’t even consider opening them.

For those of you that are expressing concern about the pretty nature of the Christmas tree, don’t worry. Add bows, and ribbons to that handcrafted wrapping paper. Don’t forget the tag too. Voila, a beautiful and unique package! You don’t have to limit this activity to Christmas, any, and all gifts are fun to decorate this way.


  •  Roll of brown parcel paper (usually sold at the Post Office)

  •  Paint (you can limit the colours to Christmas colours, or use the colours of the rainbow)

  •  Paint brushes, or fingers, or some other medium to paint with

  •  Tape

  • **Note: I use paint because it is the easiest for the ages of my kids, but there are so many options: stickers, stamps, stencils, sparkles, and etcetera. Let your imagination take over.**

There are 2 ways to proceed:

  1. Just roll out the parcel paper and decorate away. Cut and wrap later.

  2. Wrap the gift, and then decorate the paper on the present.

“There’s always time for a bow!” – Bryony, Arthur ChristmasKids learning activities button


  •  Pipe cleaner

  •  Pencil

  •  Kid’s craft glue (use the sparkle stuff)

Just take whatever colour of pipe cleaner that you would like and twist it around a pencil. Bend the twisted pipe cleaner in half, and twist the extra pipe cleaners together all at the middle point. Attach this unique bow to the gift using a bit of sparkle glue, and allow it to set overnight. I like using these fun bows for kid’s birthday gifts.

By Shari Marshall – 2015